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By Keena Renee
Why I’ll Spend $1000 On A Pair Of Shoes


By Powerful Penny
Being The First To Say “I Love You” Won’t Kill You Or Your Relationship

Made Maven

By Powerful Penny
  • Personal Development

Some Women Prefer Hell, Some Women Overcome It

  • Instagram By Ashley White

We all have a story, but it’s how you overcome your trials and turn them into triumph that really makes the story intriguing. After experiencing so much as a teenager, Mariah “Modi” Fair decided to pen a novel, Some Women…

  • Creative Currency

Why I’ll Spend $1000 On A Pair Of Shoes

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Do me a favor, Diva. Look at your credit card statements from 2017. How much money did you spend on shoes for the entire year? Whether you’re a shoe junkie or were replacing heels thrown to a shoe graveyard, I’m…

  • Women

Live More, Work Less This Summer

  • Instagram By Ashlei Williams

I have said it before and I will say it again. I am a regular degular girl just out here going for it. Please do not take my word as gospel. (Can you tell the journalist in me gets antsy…

  • Personal Development

6 Things You Need To Understand About The Entrepreneurs In Your Life

  • Instagram By Cause Ray Said

if you’ve got a friend or family member that’s an entrepreneur, you already know it’s far messier than what social media depicts. the courage and recklessness of it all. the grit. the ability to imagine solutions that create value. it’s…

  • Women

How Much Does The Good Life Really Cost?

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Y’all, I went into Nordstrom Rack today. You know I love my Neiman’s, but Nordstrom was right there. I had to go in and take a quick run through. If you haven’t been, Nordstrom Rack is all about the discount,…

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