By unexpected surprise, the calendar has jumped from June to August, time has flown by, and summer is slowly but surely coming to an end *cue the tears and sniffles.* As most students are now in their last full month of summer and the thought of school is creeping up, surely ensuing sadness and gloom, be reminded: there is still time for fun! You can, and should, take advantage of your remaining weeks of freedom before they’re replaced with deadlines, papers and busy schedules. Even if you’re already occupied with a summer job or internship, you deserve to take a break here and there and enjoy your summer!


So chin up, and read below to find out how you can maximize the rest of your summer:


1. Go to an amusement park!

Amusement Park Pic

If you have some cash saved up, head on over to your nearest amusement park for thrills and fun. Being gutsy and riding that intimidating roller coaster can be just what you need to add some adventure to your day. Six Flags is always a great option for getting your adrenaline rushing. There are parks nationwide to choose from, and you can save up to $20 when you buy your tickets online at least one day before your trip. Daily tickets start at $49.99.


2. Be a tourist in your own city.


If you’re tight on cash but still want a bit of a vacation, spare shelling out on a plane ticket and explore your own city! Curious about that café you always pass on your way to work? Now’s the time to see what it has to offer. Go to the zoo, check out a museum exhibit, or visit a local boutique. You might be surprised at the many options your own city has to offer when it comes to having fun and enjoying your vacation. This also will help give you a newfound appreciation for your neck of the woods.


3. Make a list of goals for the upcoming school year.


Even though you may not want to think about it, school will indeed be back in session before you know it. So take advantage of your free time right now, and jot down any goals or plans you have for the year. Any clubs you’re really interested in joining? Do some preliminary research for more information. Figure out time commitments and how they would fit into your schedule. Determined to be more focused and successful this year? Write down a plan for how you want to achieve that goal. Planning how you want your year to look will help you put your ideas into actions and create a more focused schedule.


4. Build a personal website.


Especially helpful if you’re going to be graduating next year, a personal website is a great way to advertise your skills and experience to future employers. Far more engaging than just a resume, a personal website can include information about yourself, such as your interests and goals, in addition to your work experiences, professional references and portfolio. College Info Geek offers a detailed explanation of a personal site and how to make your own domain. Weebly and Squarespace also provide great templates and editing options to build a clean, professional site. Create a site for free, or pay monthly for a personalized domain.
Need some design inspiration for your site? Click here for some awesome examples.


5. Visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Being in college can create both theoretical and literal distance in relationships. If you’re missing a friend, call them up or shoot them a text and plan a reunion for the weekend! Whether it’s a night on the town together, or grabbing coffee, reconnecting with a friend can be just the pick-me-up you need to refuel your last days of summer.


6. Get crafty.

Want some new jewelry but don’t want to pay a pretty penny? Make it yourself! Pinterest and YouTube offer great, endless ideas and tutorials for fun DIY projects. Log on and get your creative juices flowing.


7. Try a new form of exercise.


Tired of your same workout routine? Try something different, like yoga, pilates or cycling. Don’t be afraid to add some extensive cardio activity as well. Switching things up adds freshness and spontaneity to your fitness plan and allows you to workout different parts of your body in a fun, new way.


8. Take a dance class.


Not exactly the star of the dance floor? Hate exercising but still need to get your body moving? Take a class at a local dance studio. Most studios offer drop in classes, so you can show up and learn some new, fun moves for an affordable price. Perfect your moves or step out of your comfort zone and try a new genre, all while having fun and getting a good workout Go solo or grab your friends to make an outing of it.


9. Start Cooking.


Whether you’re determined to no longer subject yourself to ramen or you’re interested in stepping up your cooking game, learning some new recipes is an exciting way to spend your time and save you from spending your cash on more delivery pizza or cafeteria food come fall.


10. Read a Book.


When’s the last time you read for pleasure, not because you were forced to for a class? Reading on your own is a great way to rev up your imagination, educate and enlighten yourself. It doesn’t matter whether it’s science fiction, fantasy or cheesy romance. Just grab a book, settle in and let your brain take its own vacation.

Now that you’ve hopefully been inspired, follow these ideas or create some of your own and show your summer who’s the boss.

Carpe diem.

MADE by India McMiller