Ignite the Revolution

MADE by: Chelsey Little

Within the past year, there have been hundreds of Black lives taken unreasonably who were either unarmed or simply posed a threat due to their skin color. Because of this, speaking on Black lives has become one controversial matter. As many can agree, too much time passes by when it comes to racial injustice among the Black community. It is extremely hard to identify or even pinpoint any improvements or adjustments that have been made within our society when it comes to establishing why Black lives do matter. Existing as the most prominent and influential generation of today, it is imperative that millennials take action. Now is the time to act towards re-establishing the mindset of our society by sparking conversation on how important this issue is.

Poet Gil-Scott Heron once said that “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”. This statement he spoke of back in 1970 becomes clearer into reality as the days continue in 2016. From Tamir Rice, LaQuan McDonald, Tyshawn Lee, Sandra Bland, to Rekia Boyd and Eric Garner, the lives of individuals who were taken by violent crime goes on. By now everyone across the world can identify the underlying meaning of the trending hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. We, as a nation, are aware that the injustices upon the Black community gradually worsens as we continue through the 21st century. From mass shootings to the infamous police enforcement who abuse their power of authority, Black lives are lost everyday to senseless acts of violence.

With the influence of the digital world that we live in, our society has adapted to quickly accepting only what is discussed on media platforms, especially social media. We must come to a consensus that racial issues occurring across the nation go beyond what a columnist or blog post speaks about. The last thing we should do is assume that what is reported by “credible” sources are completely accurate. That is why self-education is key. Watch and read what is presented to you with a third eye and ear – go beyond what is presented to you and challenge the representation media has placed upon Black lives within their platforms. Taking the initiative to research deeper into the situation at hand is vital, but most importantly obtaining information without allowing biases or shallow point of views diminish your perspective is even more critical. When we look at the current issues involving racial injustice within America today, the voices of our millennial population take action immediately with a sudden force. From social advocates across the nation like DeRay McKesson, Alicia Garza and Jesse Williams, activists have created a movement across various media platforms that continue to influence awareness on social issues pertaining to Black lives on a nationwide scale. Because of the efforts of activist leaders, millennials have taken direct action through expressing their views by participating in social organizations, protests, sit-ins, engaging with their own social media following and through volunteering in their communities.

Instead of reading about positive happenings and outcomes across the country, we are constantly drained by negative activity and content from media sources. Sadly, headlines have become accustomed to content that mainly emphasizes arrests and killings, but are absent when highlighting representatives, organizations and peaceful marches that reside amongst Black communities within our nation.

All in all, it’s alright…because it starts with you.

Beginning steps to a revolution will develop once we as creative and outspoken millennials ignite a flame of unity and change for our society. Let us continue to educate ourselves of what is really going on underneath what media publicizes and spreads on a worldwide scale. Remember that your voice matters. Utilize a medium that will allow you to express your voice upon this ever-evolving matter at hand. Keep the issue of race and its injustices towards the Black community alive and in your conversations. It will only continue to remind those who are silent of its significance and collective critical impact upon America. Remember, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, as Gil-Scott Heron stated. It is time to use your voice as an effective tool towards change. Share your perspective on what will Ignite the Revolution to justice in our nation with @MadeMagazineUS on Twitter.