MADE by Chelsey Little

“I want to focus on our future.” – President Barack Obama

After watching President Obama’s last State of the Union address on this past Tuesday, I must say that our President has led our country in one great direction over the last eight years. From reinforcing a better economy to advancing the rights of a better education system for all students, Obama has worked to improve America from which it once was to develop into a progressive direction for the future. However, we as a nation, must agree that his efforts does not end at the end of his last term. Progressive change for the future of our nation does not just reside within the power of who’s in government, but by the choices and direct actions we take as civilians. Millennials have always possessed the greatest advantage towards igniting our country to a better direction. The only thing that’s imperative at this point is re-establishing how important and crucial millennials are within America.

During the State of the Union address, President Obama spoke on many issues (climate change, foreign policies, health care, social equality and rights) that Americans collectively felt hopeless and discouraged about as the years went on during his two-term presidency. During his speech he heavily emphasized the power of American leadership and strength. He continued to speak on how Americans have the ability to reshape our country and accelerate change simply from reconsidering the choices and actions we take everyday.

Bringing forth change in our own communities must involve our willingness to put forth work individually and collectively. As millennials, our stamp and overall input in America already holds a prominent and influential role across various mediums our nation interacts with daily. Our outlooks and way of living impacts this country drastically on an economic and social scale. Millennials are not only the largest, racially diverse generation of our nation, but the first generation to be raised with the use of advanced technology. Consequently, millennials are the most intellectual, outspoken generation of America due to the influence of the technological advancements we have utilized overtime. Can you even imagine the collective impact we have within our own nation? This is the power our generation holds without even recognizing its importance and underlying effects it can result to.

The current state of America will only move into a better direction once we collectively initiate action towards change.

  • Vote for what (and who) will positively impact the future of yourself and the following generations.
  • Speak out against what only continues to bring our country down into a black hole. Fight against the systemic and racial injustices in schools, law enforcement, and the workforce by initiating or being active in campaigns, organizing proposals, or even social organizations within your community.
  • Educate yourself on the current issues and happenings occurring across our nation. Utilize resources and tools we use on a regular basis to stand up for others.
  • Remain optimistic. We can only surpass into a better state as a nation if we continue to keep a positive outlook towards the future. Regardless of America’s history and the current state of today, what’s to come will only affect us once we make up in our minds that change starts with the power and voices we have.

What will you fight for? In what way will the future of our nation be affected by your actions? Start today by continuing the conversation by sparking engagement amongst peers and family. Share your thoughts on what America has the potential of developing into becoming.