South Side Entrepreneur Adds His Own Flavor To The Vegan Industry


By Djenaldbeth Louis
It’s Never Too Early To Have A Will And/Or Trust


By Powerful Penny
Petty Worries About Losing Your Man

Made Maven

By Powerful Penny
  • Women

Petty Worries About Losing Your Man

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Where do you stand in the Dating and Keeping Game? If my man asked me to go Dutch, I’d ditch him. I’m the princess, and he is my king. If I don’t get flowers, I’m not happy. Goody! You’ve landed…

  • Personal Development

Are You Ready To Ask For What You Want?

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Self-Assessment Quiz – True or False: I know what I need to succeed at my job, from salary to support to scheduling. I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I don’t let other people make decisions for me without…

  • For the Culture

The Cutlers Keep It Real On Love, Life & Relationships

  • Instagram By Ashley White

You can never get enough advice about relationships and it’s even better you seek advice from wise counsel. The Honorable Keith and Dana Cutler are taking court television to a new level as the husband and wife pair up to…

  • Founders Row

South Side Entrepreneur Adds His Own Flavor To The Vegan Industry

  • Instagram By Djenaldbeth Louis

If you’re not familiar with Moon Meals, you will be very soon. Moon Meals, Inc. was founded in 2012 by LaForce Baker, a brand strategist for companies like Kraft, Conagra and Nestle. Baker launched Moon Meals as a healthy, on-demand food…

  • Hollywood Heights

David Guetta Talks Hip Hop Culture and Lucky Number 7

  • Instagram By Allison Kugel

David Guetta has become a music impresario, churning out beat banging, genre busting pop songs that have been topping the charts for nearly a decade with mega hits like Titanium featuring Sia; Where Them Girls At featuring Flo Rida and…

  • Personal Development

Boss Up! 4 Reasons To Work With An Executive Coach

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Okay, listen up, Divas. You need help! Say what now? Yep. You, Ms. Thang … Ms. “I Got This!” …  Ms. “Nobody Tells Me What to Do.” Um-hmm, you. Now I’m not talking about “You need help” as in you’re…

  • Women

How To Find Your Mommy Tribe

  • Instagram By A Real Urban Mom

Being a mom in these parenting streets is HARD! You want to have the perfect home, spacious car(s), a wonderful husband, amazing kids, dream vacations and the bomb job or business. That’s all awesome and it sounds like heaven on…

  • For the Culture

Codie & Tommy Oliver Keep The Conversation Going On ‘Black Love’

  • Instagram By Maliz Mahop

When OWN’s Black Love hit the airways, it was a breath of fresh air. The married couple behind the hit-series, Codie and Tommy Oliver, sat down with MADE for an honest conversation about the second season, what they’ve learned while…

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