MADE by Zhazha Casanova

It’s that time of year again—the time to look back and see what you accomplished (or didn’t) within these 365 days of life. Hopefully you accomplished some of your goals and are on the right path to creating that bomb life you want and deserve.

Proper planning is needed when creating the life you want. First, you must mentally envision the life you want. Through the Law of Attraction, it’s actually very simple.  If you focus on what you’d like to have more of in your life (love, money, a parking spot in front of your house) and make an effort to eliminate distractions, more of what you want will come to you. Secondly, physically using a planner to write your daily goals, a dry erase board to remind you of your monthly duties or the vision board you and your friends made at the top of the year. It’s all part of the equation to get you to that destination of life.

Honestly, I’m not the best at making vision boards. My vision board never ends up finished. I’ll always end the night with, “I’ll finish it at home” and I don’t. Honestly, I was just over the whole vision board trend. I had to find another way to physically see my dreams without having to finish an entire board.

After searching for a couple of days, I found this amazing idea online that immediately made me happy. It was cute, fun and didn’t require a ton of time. I‎t was THE VISION BOX. A small box I could decorate on the outside (of course I’m thinking glitter, gold and some diamonds perhaps. Lol) and on the inside I get to put all my goals and dreams. The Vision Box took the Vision Board concept up a notch to include tangible items reflecting one’s intentions that can be added and removed from the box. How fun is that!

Learn how to make the Vision Box in MADE’s Millennial Blueprint issue HERE.