RAII & Whitney, a married duo shared their love of music in as supporting vocalists for artists such as Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, and Emeli Sande, to name a few  at the beginning of their musical career. Between worldwide tour stops,  the couple gained more recognition in 2016 after ‘wowing’ the judges on America’s Got Talent.  As we head into 2018, the union is stepping out on their independent platform, His & Her Entertainment, to share original music with the masses.

First up, is the visual release of their single, “No Worries Step Clap.” Created during a period in the couple’s lives where the stage lights dimmed and employment was scarce, causing financial hardship, they leaned on music as a healing mechanism and motivation to plot their next moves.

“During that time, I was sitting in the living room one day and started creating the music to [what would become] No Worries Step Clap, ” RAII said. “My wife heard the music, came in singing “No Worries, we’ll get through it all” and right then and there, we wrote the song.”

“No Worries Step Clap” would become RAII & Whitney’s “anthem of perseverance” with a message that also aims to sprinkle a bit of comfort amid the chaos of today’s society.

It’s not about what we go through but how we get through it,”  Whitney expressed. “If you’re willing to keep trying, you can get through it. That’s what we want people to get from the song and music video.”

To learn more about the couple, visit www.raiiandwhitney.com or follow them @raiandwhitney.

Check out their debut their empowering single below: