Currently running neck-and-neck with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders continues to keep the attention of millennials in a steady pace. From national live debates to interviews from various media sources, the love for Bernie amongst the millennial voters continues to increase in support for him as the next presidential candidate. Simply put, he talks about issues that are relevant to our future. We, as millennials, are anxious and curious to know more on how – as the next potential presidential candidate – he will rebuild some of the most pivotal political issues that exist today.

Inclusive & Interpersonal with the Young Adult Community

Back in 2015 rapper Killer Mike of rap group Run the Jewels spoke with Senator Bernie Sanders in a short video series entitled “Talking Shop with Bernie Sanders”. In these videos, Mike speaks to Sanders on a personal one-on-one level at his barbershop on topics and current political issues that are currently circulating amongst the millennial population. Not only does Bernie Sanders project and emphasize his Democratic socialist point of view in relation to these topics, but most importantly acknowledge why these issues are important to America’s future.

Take a look at the first video of the six-part series with Bernie and Killer Mike – as they discuss the role of economic freedom in America.

Social Activist Against Racial Injustice

Dr. Cornell West, Erica Garner (daughter of the late Eric Garner), Will Ferrell, and Zoë Kravitz are just a few to name who stand as endorsers for Sanders. Senator Sanders has mentioned often in his debates about the issue of racial injustice within the Black community. Sanders has spoken time and time again on why he repeals the usage of citizen gun possession in the States. Previous legal actions against gun control includes the support of banning the sale of firearms, underage firearm possession, mandatory background checks for firearm purchases and more.

Breaking Down the Inequality of Wealth

“There is something profoundly wrong when we have a proliferation of millionaires and billionaires at the same time as millions of Americans work longer hours for lower wages and we have the highest childhood poverty rate of nearly any developed country on earth.”

Bernie Sanders

Throughout all media appearances, national debates, or any public platform, Sanders addresses the issue of wealth and income inequality as one of the most important and highly relevant topics for the American people. He continues to assert that not only reducing income and wealth inequality is necessary, but re- establishing the mindset of Americans to believe in receiving true economic freedom and security for the years to come.

These are just a few issues that are buzzing in relation to Bernie Sanders. It is now your responsibility to research and inquire more on not only Senator Bernie Sanders, but the other presidential candidates from both the Democratic and Republican Party before the 2016 Presidential Election. Taking the initiative to vote is imperative and vital for our nation’s future. With our freedom of speech and right to vote, we are able to voice what matters to us and exercise the demand for these political candidates to listen what we have to say.

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