Culturally Relevant: Me vs. Me

For the Culture

By Arika Linton
4 Ways To Tackle Conflict Without Running Away

Personal Development

By Phyllis Reagin
Monetization Strategies For The Creative Millennial


By Xuxa Day
MezMURZZize: Art in the Making


By Kelvin Hicks
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  • Personal Development

4 Ways To Tackle Conflict Without Running Away

  • Instagram By Phyllis Reagin

MADE by Phyllis Reagin, CEO & Executive Coach, At The Coach’s Table and CSRH Consulting, LLC Does conflict make you so uncomfortable that you will not engage in it? Do you leave situations unresolved? Do you blow up at the wrong…

  • Women

Good Manners Are Sexy. Here’s Why

  • Instagram By MADE

Quiz TRUE OR FALSE You sometimes react like Frosty the Snowman to your husband/man’s red hot advances. Your husband/man is required to fulfill his manly chores without a “please” or “thank you” from you. Foreplay in your house is restricted…

  • Personal Development

[Self-Assessment Quiz] Are You Paralyzing Your Progress?

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Self-Assessment Quiz – True or False: I shake sometimes from fear thinking about what to do next in my career. I know what I WANT to do. I know HOW to get what I want. I believe I CAN do…

  • Women

4 Things You Should Absolutely Do At Work Before The Year Ends

  • Instagram By Holly Caplan

It’s no surprise that people start to mentally check out at the end of the year. It happens to all of us. The weather is changing, holiday decorations are out and partying has begun. It’s hard to stay focused on…

  • Creative Currency

Monetization Strategies For The Creative Millennial

  • Instagram By Xuxa Day

Every blue moon, there’s an in-depth interview of great magnitude with a successful person. In this modern-era sixty minutes format, the person of famed success gives insight on their trials and tribulations to depict just how they got to where…

  • Personal Development

Todd Dulaney On The Art Of Walking In God’s Promises

  • Instagram By Maliz Mahop

With his anthem, “Your Great Name” still doing great numbers on the charts and his latest single, “You’re Doing It All Again,” Todd Dulaney is walking in his purpose with stride. MADE sat down with the Grammy-nominated gospel artist to…

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