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Personal Development

By Powerful Penny
What Happens To Financially Ever After?


By Powerful Penny
Artist Spotlight: J. Stino


By Ashley White
Do You Act Like A Leader Others Love To Emulate?

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By Powerful Penny
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  • Personal Development

Go The Extra Mile

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Self-Assessment Quiz ─ TRUE or FALSE: I’m aware of how much extra work I can manage to take on at work. I enjoy being a team player and taking on leadership roles at work. Being more visible at work is…

  • Personal Development

How To Be A Tourist In Your Own City

  • By Ariana Pierce

When it comes to adding adventure to your life, there’s this thought that it has to take a lot of money and that you have to go far to do so. As a lifestyle and travel blogger, I’ve been around…

  • Creative Currency

What Happens To Financially Ever After?

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Like most little girls, I grew up dreaming about Prince Charming. Except I adapted the Disney script a tad bit and instead of seeking a prince who was tall, dark, and handsome, I aimed more for tall, light-skinned, and fine….

  • Hollywood Heights

Paula Abdul: Inside the Heart of a Pop Music Legend

  • Instagram By Allison Kugel

On October 3rd, Paula Abdul hit the road on her North American tour; a tour that’s been more than twenty-five years in the making, since her 1992 Under My Spell tour which grossed $60 million in ticket sales (a mint…

  • Women

Do You Act Like A Leader Others Love To Emulate?

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Ladies, do you know the #1 way to be a leader? You’ve probably read just as many books as I have, attended or led many a development training session, and sat in on management leadership workshops, each giving different methods to lead….

  • For the Culture

Bumble Creates Buzz With Social Game Night

  • Instagram By MADE

In a digital world where more of our communication accounts from written communication through technology as opposed to verbal and body language, establishing deeper connections through in-person interaction is becoming a necessity. And, finding low-pressure, safe spaces to meet new…

  • Personal Development

Personality Power

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Self-Assessment Quiz ─ TRUE or FALSE: If I want to be taken seriously at work, I’d better be serious – at all times. Earning trust from my fellow co-workers has nothing to do with how I present myself emotionally day-to-day….

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