3 Things Millennials Could Learn from Beyoncé’s Massive Firings

3 Things Millennials Could Learn from Beyoncé’s Massive Firings

Earlier this week, Beyonce’ allegedly axed entire Parkwood Entertainment management team (which reportedly includes one of her cousins) in an effort to move in another direction with her new Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Pamon, who spearheaded the JPMorgan Chase sponsorship of the singer’s On the Run tour. Yvette Noel-Schure said,  “some senior staffers were given the opportunity to reposition and stay on,” Keyword: Some

This shakeup just further illustrates that on top of countless other admirable traits, Beyonce’s business acumen is something to be learned from. Don’t worry, I took some notes for you:

  1. ALWAYS surround yourself with people that will elevate you. 

“You don’t want to be the smartest person in the room. You want to be the dumbest and surrounded by other thinking people who are going to say something that makes you think ‘oh my God, why didn’t I think of that idea?’”


Seemingly (to us, at least) Beyonce’s team consisted of the best and the brightest in the business who did a phenomenal job of maintaining the momentum of the star’s mega successful career. However, maintenance and elevation are not one in the same. As JPMorgan Chase’s  former head of sports and entertainment, Steve Pamon has closed major international deals and clearly exposed Beyonce’ to options she wasn’t provided with while under her former team’s guidance.

2. Resist complacency. 

“Those who take bold chances don’t think failure is opposite of success. They believe complacency is.”
– Unknown

46 Grammy nominations and 17 wins, 118 million solo albums, 60 million sold with Destiny’s Child, hit movies, lucrative spokesperson deals, clothing lines, umpteenth fragrances, and more than $300 million in ticket sales from On The Run and The Mrs. Carter World Tour. This laundry list of accomplishments did nothing but lead Beyonce’ to set the bar even higher for herself this year.

3. Compartmentalize your relationships. 

“It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.” 

-The Godfather 

Beyoncé realized early on that the separation of business from personal is imperative when chasing success. From Destiny’s Child ‘re-castings’ to firing her own father, Bey learned that close relationships shouldn’t impede progress. This recent move proves no different. Her representative reportedly said:

“Lee Anne Callahan-Longo has worked with Beyoncé for the last 10 years. Their friendship supersedes business, and while she is no longer an employee of Parkwood, she will remain an imperative part of Beyoncé’s life.”


Made by Jasmine Browley

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