#InternationalWomensDay: 7 Black SHEroes You Should be Following

#InternationalWomensDay: 7 Black SHEroes You Should be Following

International Women’s Day is 24 hours devoted to commemorating  how much women have accomplished and to remember that gender equality is still a bit of a lofty goal. However, no one told these ladies that, judging from their fearlessness, fierceness and overall bad-assedness.

If you need a daily digital dose of  inspiration, these are some SHEroes that you need to e-introduce yourself to.


1. @Myleik


Founder and CEO of the wildly popular natural hair product subscription service, CurlBoxMyleik Teele transformed her love of beautiful things into a viable business and a global brand with a cult-like following. Once you Insta-stalk her, you’ll immediately know why.

Her ‘tell it like it is whether you like it or not’ approach to life has been displayed on her social media pages for years, but now her helpful advice is housed under one place, #MyTaughtYou. Be it the podcast, her web series or ‘a-ha moment’ inducing Tweets, she’ll get you right together.



2. @Valeisha


Anytime you’re in charge of engaging Black folk on Google, you know you’re a bad ass. Valeisha Butterfield-Jones, founder of WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) and recently named head of Black Community Engagement knows alot about getting a lot of s–t done. She makes sure to document her daily ‘SHE-roic’ feats on Instagram.

Work is the operative word. Let's get it. #2016 #action

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3. @JuneAmbrose


When Jamie Foxx, Diddy and Mary J. Blige literally trusts you with the clothes on their back, it’s safe to say you probably have a few nuggets of wisdom to share. Luckily for us, entry into the ‘Juniverse’ is one click away.

Long time stylist turned brand consultant to the stars, June Ambrose, has been a fashion tour de force for more than two decades. But as of recent news, she’s been taking social media by storm with her powerful affirmations, up to the minute coverage of her fabulous celeb encounters and pics of her delicious recipes she cooked up for her adorable family.



4. @JamilahLemieux


With a presence that more than 87,000 people religiously follow on Twitter and Instagram, Jamilah’s authentic and courageous voice reminds us how powerful, funny and NECESSARY women are.

Ebony Magazine’s senior editor regularly shakes up the e-world with her honest posts addressing feminism, motherhood and blackness. She also churns out amazing interviews including recent sit downs with Amber Rose and Bernie Sanders. If you aren’t already, get in tune with the fab journalist. Lord knows you won’t be disappointed.


5. @KahlanaBarfield


Ever heard the adage ‘get up, dress up and show up?’ No one better embodies that phrase than In-Style Magazine’s fashion and beauty editor-at-large Kahlana Barfield Brown.

The highlight reel of her glamorous life as detailed on Instagram is enough to have any casual onlooker green with envy. But if you take a closer look at the beautiful photos, humility, hard work and faith shines through. Check out her page for a daily helping of style tips and positivity.


6. @AndreaLewis


Best known for her portrayal as wheelchair Jimmy’s bae, actress Andrea Lewis has also been giving us virtual hugs for the past few years through her #SelfLove campaign.

Her popular Youtube channel features weekly videos that remind you to love the skin you’re in and the life you’re living. She also recently dropped a brand new web series dedicated to breaking down the complications that arise with millennial relationships: think postgraduate Degrassi.


7. @TheShelahMarie


I was initially introduced to the curly brickhouse through a hilarious and (ahem) accurate post captioned “Get yourself a black spiritual feminist from Erykah Badu Twitter and be happy like Ace Hood.”

The actress and yogi recently founded Soul Study Workshop, a series of meditation classes devoted to helping participants better know themselves spiritually. On top of that, she consistently gives us subtle reminders to get in the gym with every photo because… #BodyGoals.



MADE by Jasmine Browley

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