The Situationship Series Vol. 2: How to Navigate 'Hey Stranger' Season

The Situationship Series Vol. 2: How to Navigate 'Hey Stranger' Season

relationship,’ for lack of a better term. Wait, hold up, there is a better term: situationship (If you’re unsure of it’s meaning, please refer to my last piece).Now that the polar vortex has passed and temps are slowly inching up, it means that the official end of Cuffing Season is nigh and the ‘Hey Stranger’ season will take its place.What the h-ll are you talking about, Jas? Ah, Broham, *Braxton Hartnabrig voice* I’m glad you asked.‘Hey Stranger’ season is millennial dating jargon for the reconnection or rekindling of a romantic interest that was overlooked during the winter months for one reason or another. So the ever important announcement of your single and ready to mingle status is via the ‘Hey stranger,’ ‘I miss you,’ or my personal favorite ‘Hey, Big Head’ texts.You’re looking at your inbox in a completely different way aren’t you?Anyway, here are few ways you can handle the texts, depending on what the intended outcome is:

Option 1:

Ignore it. This is the best recourse if your goal is to keep your numbers down this summer. Besides, if you run into the person when you’re out, you could always use the trusted ‘OMG, I didn’t get your text!’ excuse.  But PLEASE make sure your read receipts are disabled first. 

Option 2:

Be naive optimistic by assuming the texter legitimately wants to know how you’ve been and respond in kind. What’s the worse that could happen? A friendly conversation, maybe? Mmmhmm. 

Option 3:

Cut the bs and let them know you’re down for the get down because it’s been a long, dark and dry winter. But don’t actually say that.What are some of your favorite ‘Hey Stranger’ season texts?Stay tuned for Vol. 3 of the Situationship Series!  MADE by Jasmine Browley]]>

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