3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Salary By 45%

3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Salary By 45%

I have been making career moves that have kept me growing professionally and financially. Both are important for me – professional growth aids in my marketability and financial growth supports the increase in my coin.  As a mom of two tiny people who cost more than they weigh, every penny earned is 32,000 pennies spent.  How Sway?!  And guess whatttttt?  I have increased my annual salary by 45% in just under 18 months.  Yes.  Forty. Five. Percent in under 18 months!  As Uncle Too $hort said, “Get it calculated do the math.”

I appreciate an uptick in my coin, so I am sharing how I was able to make my salary grow.  These are 3 super easy things that you can do right now!  You ready?

  1. Take Risks.  Imma be honest with y’all.  I avoided taking risks because I was comfortable.  I worked at the same organization for over 10 years and because I received promotions and salary increases I did little to get more.  I felt like I was good at my job, but there was a voice inside of me saying that I was good because of the organization, those around me, and only because I knew the needs of the company like the back of my hand.  I diminished my expertise.  When in fact, I was good because I was good.  Yea. I said it!  I was good because I was good.  Once I realized that, I started venturing out to see what other opportunities were on the market.  I interviewed for a position that required me to stretch my knowledge but I was confident I could excel at the job.  And guess what?  I interviewed and got offered the job the same day.  That risk and stepping out of my comfort zone allowed for my first significant salary jump.  It is important to know when to take a risk and to push yourself to the next level.

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