3 Key Ways to Avoid Burnout as a Blogger

3 Key Ways to Avoid Burnout as a Blogger

Having a blog means some restless nights, obsessive editing, and constant critique of content. With this said, it’s easy to become a Starbucks toting addict to your work and simply burnout. There comes a time in your career as a blogger where you say yes to all opportunities whether it be freelancing, collaborating with any and all brands, or advertising 24/7. There is also a time in your career where you must learn to say no, ask for help, or possibly enlist a staff depending on your growth. Big decisions for your career are deemed on how to have good timing. In this article we shed a little light on how to make sure you’re not overwhelmed or burnout before you’re true moment to shine.


Quality Over Quantity Wins Every Time

The factor of quality and quantity applies to everything. Using this formula will help you rid yourself of dead weight to move forward. When you’re trying to get off the ground versus when you’re up and running are two different scenarios in which you were once testing what works for your brand versus now knowing what works very well. You may recall that in the beginning you’d kill for some of the collaborations you’d see others with a heavy following but things change with time such as perspective. This formula even applies to your production. You might have been able to write daily but noticed that taking your time to create quality content allowed you to post once or twice a week. Your readers will notice the difference in content which in result will enhance your craft and influence.


Schedules Are Not for the Weak

Most bloggers work a regular 9-5 as everybody has a hustle and a day job these days. However the way to work the 24 hours that we are all given is to work them wisely. You will get to a crossroads where you have to be somewhat selfish and know the value of your time. For instance, if you were a client needing an invoice, how much would you charge for a meeting, a long-term project, etc.? Every hour counts which means you won’t lose a thing fiscally if you place the correct value on your time. Color code, set alarms, write it down in your planner; whatever you do, make sure you value your time so others will follow suit.


Even Entrepreneurs Need a Break

Depending on how ravenous you are about your writing, you may need just an hour or an entire day but it is up to you to gauge what you need. Downtime is your chance to reboot or just take a couple of uninterrupted deep breaths without feeling guilty. Your milestones will rack up in a pile of accomplishments but you’ll be thankful for the moments you got to sit in your success. Maybe you need to spend time with friends or family or just yourself. It’s okay to take a break to avoid burnout. Think of it like this: if you have to stop, how will your blog keep running?

Taking these steps will help when you’re knee deep in deadlines and running on fumes. As a millennial, you want to have it all and you definitely can. Just make sure you’re taking the healthy route soy can continue on strong and resilient.


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