3 Things You'll Need For an 'Adulting' Break

3 Things You'll Need For an 'Adulting' Break

#1: Adult Coloring Books


Because you never really outgrow adding color to bland canvases, right?There are tons of adult themed coloring books available but a few standouts include Coloring for Grownups, Sex Position Coloring Book and Creative Haven Color Doodles

2. Adult Dorms

Adult_Dorms_WeLive, an NYC based company devoted to providing quality communal living spaces to 21+ is the best way to relive your college glory days. The New York Post reported that arrangements include: “communal kitchen, laundry/game room and a room to watch movies — as well as a list of activities extensive enough for even the most driven social butterfly: “Happy hour gatherings, cooking classes, Sunday night suppers, game nights, Karaoke nights,” among others. 

3. Breakfast-for-Dinner Restaurant

Nighthawk_Breakfast_Bar_If you’re up late, feeling a little childish and have a hankering for some whiskey spiked milk and cereal, Nighthawk Breakfast Bar is the place for you. The LA eatery provides the perfect balance of the stuff you love about being an adult and those things you miss from yesteryear. For instance, the late night spot has in-house DJ that plays an eclectic mix of nostalgic 80s, 90s and today’s jams, breakfast is served practically all night and cocktails are strong and plentiful. MADE by Jasmine Browley]]>

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