3 Unlikely Ways to Get More Organized & Beat the Stress

3 Unlikely Ways to Get More Organized & Beat the Stress

Are you mostly on top of things, but still somehow find yourself in hectic situations? The ones where you’re running around and disorganized? Your mind is jumbled from the long list of things you need to do and your surroundings are suffering for it. Here are a few unique tips that will get you organized and hit the mark with your tasks, all while keeping the stress level down.


1. It’s OK to Say ‘No’

You’ve already got edits to finish, a meeting in 15 minutes, and an event to go to right after, but here comes your brother asking for a ride to the airport this afternoon. It’s so easy to agree to tasks, favors, or projects because you want to be seen as a good, dependable person. However, trying to squeeze too much into your already packed schedule can result in running late or turning in rushed work. Never agree to something if you know you aren’t able to follow through. It’s OK to turn down a project your boss throws at you—there will be more opportunities to shine.


2. Hit ‘Unsubscribe’

You open your inbox to double check on the time for that event you’re supposed to go to and you’re met with hundreds, maybe even thousands of unread emails. Magazines, newsletters, the email list at your favorite stores… These all seemed like a great way to keep tabs on the sales your favorite stores are having, or a way to get inspired through the pages of your favorite monthly, but some of these subscriptions and daily promotions can take up more space than necessary. If all those magazines are piling up in the corner or you’re mass deleting more of those emails boasting sales than you are actually acting on them, it’s time to unsubscribe. Only maintain the subscriptions you use frequently.


3. Save Yourself before You Need Saving

This tip is for those high-stress situations, like when you forget your birth certificate or that important document you need was only saved on your laptop. Think ahead to save yourself from stress. Print extra copies of your birth certificate, social security card, or passport and keep them in a couple safe places so you aren’t at a loss when the situation calls for those materials. Save and send documents to different locations, too. Don’t just save that super important presentation on Google Docs; email it to yourself as well in case you actually didn’t hit ‘save.’ Just take extra precautions with personal information to avoid getting your identity stolen.


These tips go beyond using color-coded sticky notes or keeping a calendar. It’s the more subtle, “I didn’t even think of that,” kinds of things that may contribute to unnecessary disorganization or frustration.

Keep an eye out for the little things that may throw you off.

MADE by Kim Jackson

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