3 Ways To Overcome Creative Blocks

3 Ways To Overcome Creative Blocks

Creative blocks are detrimental to elevating any brand, both personal and organizational. Every creative has experienced these brain pauses that make us feel temporary creative inadequacy. Trust me I’ve been there. I’ve had ideas that have formed, then all of a sudden I’m stuck in creative purgatory. Here are my three recommended ways to overcome creative blocks. 

Stop multitasking.

I used to be a firm believer of multitasking. I believe that we confuse having the capability to switch between multiple things at the same time as an effective way of successfully completing tasks. NO! It is a way to drive yourself nuts! The Aspen Institute states that whenever the brain switches to another thing, it uses part of the brain’s fuel – a glucose, so multitasking actually depletes the supply of brain energy quickly. Who needs that type of brain overload!

If we work in a stressful or busy environment, often times we are checking emails, switching between projects, or communicating with team members. Our brain becomes overworked. We start to experience fatigue or confusion. I recommend FOCUSING completely on the problem at hand. Dedicate that energy to solving your creative problem.  If you don’t, it is quite easy to loose your train of thought and fall into creative purgatory.

Collaborate with other creatives and undiscovered creative people.

Collaborate! Collaborate! Collaborate! If you work with or have access to creative people that you trust (you may have an innovative concept that requires intellectual protection, so be careful with whom you share your thoughts), talk with them to gain inspiration and some direction. It’s also a good idea to collaborate with undiscovered creatives as well. I call them undiscovered, because I believe everyone is creative, most just haven’t owned it or accepted their gift.

Creativity is a mental process, which utilizes the entire brain. Let’s say you are a big picture thinker and super imaginative, but you just can’t get pass the beginning of that great idea. What do you do? Collaborate with someone who can help bring some logic and reasoning to your idea, so that you can successfully solve that creative problem or birth that life-changing concept. Other creatives and undiscovered creative people serve as great sounding boards. They may ask questions or even oppose your idea, which can not only get your brain wheels back spinning, but potentially help you to explore something new that can be impactful.

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