How to Turn a Million "No's" Into a Solid Yes

How to Turn a Million "No's" Into a Solid Yes

It’s a Numbers GameYou don’t have to be a business major to figure out that the odds become more so in your favor when you flood your options. It’s not all about thinking outside of the box as much as it is thinking about all the people you can connect with to build your vision. This factor also applies to the effectiveness of your influence. Of course we all want a huge following but more and more brands are beginning to reach out to micro-influencers since they are able to engage with their audience at a quicker and more personable rate. 

If You Act Like $2M, You’ll Eventually Have $2M

The notion of faking it until you make it is more than just a mantra to repeat to yourself, it’s a confidence boost. In the initial phases of producing for profit, you may undersell yourself. Don’t. Also this comes in handy when setting up your foundation. Small things like the signature at the bottom of your emails, the quality of your business cards, or even the amount of time it takes you to respond to an inquiry can set you apart from the crowd instantly. With this said, think of where you want your business or brand to be in five years. If you’re able to visualize it then begin planning with how each and every single aspect should be run. Set the protocol and the expectation for the culture of your business while you cultivate the rest. 

Even Oprah Has a Solid Support System

There will be a time where your momentum comes to a standstill. This is normal as we are all human at the end of the day. The thing that will keep your head above water other than your hustle will be the people you surround yourself with. They may not understand why editing content is nerve wrecking or why you may have to stand in front of the mirror practicing your pitch to investors but they should understand your end goal. This will need to apply to any future partners or investors. You will need positivity to fuel you during the pitfalls to propel you forward. 

Last but not least, you got this! Think of all the come-up stories and they all have something profound in common: a slew of “no”. Keep your head up and don’t forget that your “yes” is just around the corner. If you truly love what you’re doing, let it feed you until the coins come rolling in.

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