4 Ways To Avoid Burnout of New Year's Resolutions

4 Ways To Avoid Burnout of New Year's Resolutions

Is anybody else chanting “11 more months to go, 11 more months to go” to themselves yet? With January 2016 having come and went, it’s safe to say that some people are already over their #NewYearNewMe goals and are sliding back into their normal routines. Don’t fall into the trap! Here are a few suggestions for avoiding the New Year’s resolution burn out.  —1.Define your successHow would you design your life so that only joy flowed through it? I know, that’s very Oprah-like but it’s a legitimate question. Close your eyes and picture your happy. What does it look like? When was the last time you hopped off the hamster wheel for a second and really envisioned  your own version of success? It sounds simple but people don’t devote enough time to thinking seriously about how they spend their life and how much of it they actually enjoy.2.Take a closer look at your goals.  Unroll that vision board and give it a second look. What’s on it? What emotions do the images evoke? Or is it just riddled with stuff?  Often, our goals don’t come to fruition because we chase the spoils as opposed to the feelings that having stuff creates.3. Creative smart goals. By now, you’ve probably heard of the SMART method (and probably rolled your eyes at it) but I promise, it works!S-Specific: Setting ambiguous goals only makes them that much harder to conquer. Be intentional with your ambitions.M-Measurable: One of the best ways to know where you’re going is to have a firm grip on where you’ve come from. Being able to measure your progress is paramount in goal-setting. Want to lose weight or improve your health regimen? Pick up a journal and track your results or better yet, download an app like Nike+ Training Club App (http://goo.gl/ILUcL5) which records your progress. Also, while you’re at it, check out the LifeTick (https://goo.gl/TwcyCZ) and GoalsOnTrack (http://goo.gl/G2Tex) apps for “life goal” tracking.A-Attainable: Everyone likes to dream the impossible dream, but sometimes we have to be real with ourselves. Before you get your hopes too high, take yourself to the side and ask “self, is this really going to happen for me? What are the challenges? Are they able to be overcome?”R-Realistic: Similar to attainable goals, realistic ones really come to down to determining if you’re 100% ready, willing and capable to do the work required to obtaining the goal. If the answer isn’t an emphatic ‘yes,’ you may need to go back to the drawing board.T-Timely: A goal should be firmly rooted in a time frame, be it long or short term. Set a deadline and break down your actionable items (tangible things you’ve done to help make it happen) into small increments so there’s a constant reminder of its looming presence as to avoid procrastination.4. Believe you can accomplish.Believe that not only are you capable of obtaining the goals, but you are worthy of the results as well.MADE by: Jasmine Bradley]]>

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