4 Podcasts Made for Creative Minds

4 Podcasts Made for Creative Minds

Podcasts are officially a thing. Every day there’s a new show peeking its head on Soundcloud or iTunes, begging listeners to get lost within them. There’s a show for tons of categories but among the most popular are those focused on marketing and business for young entrepreneurs.

Here are four business podcasts millennials should start following ASAP:


1. Myleik Teele’s MyTaughtYou Podcast


The founder and CEO of the wildly successful natural hair product subscription company, CurlBOX decided to put her keen business acumen and sharp common sense on audio for her legions of social media followers entitled MyTaughtYou. Myleik Teele not only provides insight into her own inspiring entrepreneurial journey, but she also drops lessons she’s learned from her personal life that struggly millennials can learn from.

My favorite episode thus far is “Are you proud of the work you’re doing?” in which she answer questions from listeners that are in a bit of a professional crisis and in need of some serious self-questioning.


2.   Smart Passive Income


Pat Flynn’s in depth podcasts takes a look at doable methods to increase profits using marketing tactics, short form blogging, and lifestyle overhaul. He does a great job at not only making it clear to listeners that  businesses do not flourish immediately but also offering, strategies and hope for aspirant entrepreneurs.


3. Minority Trailblazer


This weekly podcast, hosted by Greg E. Hill every Thursday, shares the stories of successful minorities who are making waves in a variety of industries including education, business, comedy, entrepreneurship. Episode 21 (one of my faves), specifically delves into the story of Hill’s challenging journey from homelessness to successful serial entrepreneur, and he shares the important business lessons he learned along the way.


4.  The Introvert Entrepreneur


On this podcast, Beth Buelow invites business owners to speak about how they arrived at their current position. She makes sure they offer strategies and tips to overcome challenges both small and large. It is a great podcast to check out if you want some insight from people who made it as an entrepreneur.


Fire up that iTunes or Soundcloud account and get to listenin’!

MADE by Jasmine Browley

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