4 Ways to Land a Creative Internship

4 Ways to Land a Creative Internship

The creative industry is one of the most difficult to navigate but also one of the most rewarding.   With thousands of young talented hopefuls vying for the same coveted spots, to catch a recruiter’s eye, your credentials have to be ON POINT. Here’s a few tips to help you get your foot in the door.

1. Jump ahead of the competition.

Most companies post summer internships as early as December. Be sure to check your favorite companies’ site frequently and set job notifications via their career portal that will alert you of new opportunities. If the site does not have the capability, Google alerts will work as well.

2.  Scan the web OBSESSIVELY.

Although going straight to the source helps, some companies fail to update their websites with every opportunity available, leaving third party niche sites listing them instead. Try joining career sites’ email lists and check them daily.

Here a few sites that should constantly be on your radar:

3. Make your dream list and believe in it.

Without short changing yourself, write down 8-10 companies you visualize yourself being apart of. Accompanying those, list 10 ‘shoo-in’ companies that are similar to your dream companies. Do your Googles, take notes and reach out to the HR department for details on the application process.

4. Dust off your digital footprint.

By now we all know that potential employers view your social media profiles during their recruitment process, especially if you’re aiming to be land a position in the creative field. In an effort to give them a glimpse of your judgments, professionalism and personal tastes, scan all your platforms and rid them of anything disparaging. Also, make sure your LinkedIn profile is pristine:

-Professional headshot


-Job Titles are completed

-Achievements are listed


5. Network

The benefit from this is self explanatory, but if you need a few tips to get over the awkwardness, listen to entrepreneur and CEO of CurlBox, Myleik Teele’s podcast on Networking secrets.

6. Have faith!

Believe me, I know the only easy part of this process is giving up on it, but you have to keep going. Your opportunity can one click away. Go get it!

MADE by Jasmine Browley

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