4 Ways To Maintain Your Summer Sizzle

4 Ways To Maintain Your Summer Sizzle

Where did the time go? Just like you, I am reminiscing over all the amazing moments of summer. The sand between your toes, lounging by the pool, the sassy swimwear and of course the yummy flavors.

Summer is a time that many women prepare and even sacrifice for.  Regular exercise and ditching unhealthy eating habits are #SummerGoals.  Now that the tropical vacations are pool parties are over I must ask you this question- are you throwing the deuces to your healthy daily habits?

Your summer routine helped you to look good, but most importantly helped you feel good.  It would be such a shame to throw it all away now.  Here are 4 simply ways NOT to ruin your healthy lifestyle now that summer is ending:

Eat Clean During Meals

Go heavy on the veggies by having a salad as your appetizer and some type of vegetable as the side dish that comes with for your entrée.  Eat fresh fruit as snacks and as dessert.  Be sure to keep the main course lean by ordering your meat grilled, broiled, or baked.

Stay Active

Don’t skip your daily workout just because you have packed up your sundresses and shorts.  There are amazing options for staying physically active at your disposal.  You certainly can hit a fitness facility for some treadmill and weights if that is your thing. If you want to do something totally different opt for a hot yoga class, spin class or a pole dancing class.

Avoid Sugary Beverage Traps

Swap those sodas for water AND limit the amount of bottled juice that you drink.  They are loaded with sugar and can easily add 300-500 calories to your daily intake. Infusing water with fresh or frozen fruit or herbs is a low calorie way to add flavor to your glass of water.

Snack Smart

Eating 1-2 snacks is often necessary to fuel you through a busy day.  The key is to be smart about your snacks. Keep your snacks in the 100-200 calorie range by placing them in individually portioned snack bags or containers.  That will help prevent a “snaccident” where you accidentally eat the entire bag of whole grain chips, almonds, popcorn or veggie straws.

Following these simple tips will keep you looking and feeling fab no matter the season.

Dr. Jamie J. Hardy PharmD, BCPS, MS (Dr. Jamie) –is an experienced and well respected board-certified pharmacist, who is also known as The Lifestyle Pharmacist.  As a highly sought-after speaker, best-selling author, and health correspondent she helps young women who are busy juggling careers, businesses, and relationships to be “fit, fabulous, and fulfilled without prescribed pills.” Through her videos, books, and programs she equips them with the tools necessary to detox, find balance, eat healthier, and effectively manage stress. These are the same lifestyle principles that allowed her to take back her health and her life following a very traumatic period.  Dr. Jamie is the Founder and Chief Lifestyle Curator of Innovative Wellness LLC, a lifestyle company that coaches women to make these lasting changes in their lifestyle. She educates her community of followers, The #FABSQUAD, to design the life of their dreams. Visit her at DrJamieHardy.com


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