46 Things I Learned In 26 Years Of Life

46 Things I Learned In 26 Years Of Life

Recently I wrote about going through a quarter life crisis, getting out of it, and I went in depth about what came out of that experience.

But today I wanted to look even further and go to the earliest moments I had certain realizations and revelations that served me as a compass throughout life.

Originally, I wanted it to be 26 lessons — as I turned 26 in March.

However, when I started writing, 26 lessons turned into 31, which turned into 39, and in the end I had 46.

So, there you go, today you get 46 lessons I learned thus far in my life.

  1. Your starting circumstances are irrelevant. The faster you embrace the lack of advantage, the sooner the underdog mentality can prevail and you can start overcoming any shortcomings on the way. Nothing can compare to this mentality.
  2. Coming up with excuses can fool and damage only yourself. Find a way to stop rationalizing, and notice yourself when you start saying an excuse.
  3. Acquiring skills and mixing them together is more important than having a talent. Small skills add up and work well together.
  4. Don’t feel that you’re in debt to anyone. You owe everything to yourself(to see how far in life you can go), and to the family you produce (how you can provide them with a better life)
  5. There shouldn’t be a moment in life when you’re DONE. In the moment you say that, you have committed one of the worst crimes against yourself. Life is like a game without the final boss you need to beat. Never stop, always push yourself as much as possible, and create new limits for yourself to cross.
  6. Your life isn’t promised. Pay strict attention to what you are doing with the time you have today. Don’t waste it.
  7. Find someone with whom you can say anything you think, do anything you want, and be anything you are without the fear of being judged and without having to filter out anything. This is the world’s greatest social luxury.
  8. Don’t judge anyone. However, when deciding who you will let in your life (or who will stay) evaluate people based on how hard they are working to raise the standard of their life. Run away from people who are aware they are on a standstill, and aren’t willing to do anything about it. Or even worse — they become toxic and try to decrease the standard of your life.

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