5 Takeaways from Ciara and Blac Chyna’s Recent Engagements

5 Takeaways from Ciara and Blac Chyna’s Recent Engagements

If you don’t know already, Blac Chyna and Ciara are both getting married!


Look at that baby sparkle!

And there are A LOT of people who aren’t happy about it…


Despite your feelings about the Kardashians, Russell Wilson or body counts, there are real takeaways from Ciara and Blac Chyna’s engagements that we all should heed.


Lesson #1: Misogynoir is Alive and Well

In a society concerned with the intersectional issues of sexism, racism and inequality it’s surprising that misogynoir continues to be overlooked by the masses. However, Ciara and Blac Chyna’s battle against the world reminds us that that is the case indeed. In the midst of Ciara and Future’s breakup, onlookers were more concerned with Ciara’s decision to allow her new beau to spend time with their child rather than Future’s tendency to use every radio interview as his personal diary to bash his ex-fiance. Similarly, social media seemed to agree that Tyga could do no wrong due to Chyna’s previous employment as a stripper. We will never know the whole story of these celeb relationships, but the masses “ride or die” mentality when it comes to their favorite rappers is evidence enough that there is still work to be done.

Lesson #2: Don’t Let Them See You Cry

Just as these ladies reminded us about the dark side of society, they also have shown us how to come out on top of it all. Both Ciara and Blac Chyna kept it cute amidst rumors and slander  and never let anyone see them down. Ciara’s post-baby, post-breakup snapback was an obvious dismissal of the haters and continues to be our #bodygoals to this day. And when Future continued to air dirty laundry, Ciara smacked him with a $15 million lawsuit. Regardless of the outcome in court, that’s enough bread to hush any bird.

Blac Chyna made sure her voice was heard as well. She made a statement heard around the world at the 2015 VMA’s when her and Amber Rose showed up in matching, curve-hugging outfits meant to reclaim the insults prompted by the Chyna-Jenner standoff.


It goes to show that self-care is the highest form of therapy. Looking flawless and lighting a jealous fire in the heart of your ex is just a perk.


Lesson #3: When in Doubt, Make a Profit.

Breaking up is hard to do, but not so hard to profit from. We all prepared ourselves for a Ci-Ci hiatus after word spread of her split with Future. Instead, she came back with a vengeance and released the single “I Bet” which quickly went certified gold.


Blac Chyna also didn’t let her break with Tyga go untapped. When news spread that Tyga began dating Kylie Jenner, the little sister of Chyna’s (former?) friend Kim, Chyna clapped back swiftly. The entrepreneur took to Instagram and shared images of the seemingly identical watch Tyga allegedly bought for both her and Kylie as well as several other pointed photos. Whether you agree with her tactic or not, the feud brought unending attention to Chyna and her business Lashed which she started shortly before the feud began. Was Chyna really a vengeful ex acting out on social media or a savvy businesswoman making the most of her situation?  

As Beyoncé says: the best revenge is your paper.


Lesson #4: The Kids Come First

Raising kids in the eye of a break-up storm is every parent’s worst nightmare. We are all too familiar with the horror stories of damaged children from broken homes with celebs being at the top of the at-risk list. Ciara and Chyna kept their children’s’ happiness at the forefront of their priorities whether it meant keeping them out of the spotlight or surrounding them with people who care. In the age of social media, parenting is changing for better or for worse. Here, a reminder not to lose sight of what really matters.


Lesson #5: Just Keep Swimming

After any failed relationship it’s easy to fall victim to feelings of nobody-will-ever-love-me and woe-is-me but Ciara and Blac Chyna have both proven that there is life after heartbreak! Both celebrity ladies continued to work on their careers post-split and unexpectedly found love again. Ciara and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson bloomed quickly and have remained at the #1 spot of picturesque Black Love for months. Blac Chyna is, surprisingly, engaged to Rob Kardashian (confusing family tree, anyone?). Many were initially confused and even believed the relationship was an elaborate PR scheme cooked up by Kris Jenner. However, Rob and Chyna seem genuinely happy and she’s been able to rouse the once reclusive Kardashian brother back to social media and even back to the gym.


It might not always be a new relationship but allowing yourself to keep going when you want to give up is the true meaning of strength. Props to our impromptu professors Ciara and Blac Chyna!


MADE by Simedar Jackson

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