5 Impactful Options to Bounce Back from Job Loss

5 Impactful Options to Bounce Back from Job Loss

Some experience job loss at an early age, and others may experience it in their prime years. Whenever it happens, it’s not the end of the world. It may seem tough at first, but losing a job may be the thing you need to propel you. Jobs are for a season, and they are great stepping stones to working in your purpose. Here’s 5 ways you can starting living the life you truly want after job loss.


1.Take a Moment to Reflect.

Losing your job can be a huge blow to your self­esteem, especially if the termination caught you off guard. It is totally normal and healthy to want to have a pity party, and I say go for it, but don’t stay in that space too long. Get out all the negative feelings of not feeling good enough, anger or embarrassment. Then reflect on why you may have been let go. Were you always punctual? Did you ask for help? Were you just collecting a check? Did the job make you happy? Did you feel purposeful? Really ask yourself questions and be truthful. If you can’t be honest with you, who can?


2. Get Clear! What Do You Really Want?

You may find that you have been coasting through a few seasons of life. Being on the other side of the pink slip will surely awaken you. While you decide on what your next step will be, make sure that it will allow you to do what you really want. Sometimes doors close to redirect you to the right one. It’s time to ask yourself, what do you really want? Try to take the stress of needing a paycheck like yesterday out of it. You don’t want to find yourself in another position that will only lead you on the road to discontent. The end of a season is a divine moment to ask the universe for the thing you dream, hope and wish.

Don’t think about the details just yet on how you will obtain the thing you want. Just get clear and be bold enough to ask.


3. Who’s at Your Table?

Now that you’ve taken a moment to reflect and get clear about what you want, it’s time to examine who is at your table. I don’t mean your kitchen table. Think of yourself at a gala sitting in your best dress waiting to for your name to be called to honor you with an award. Who would be the important people at your table that helped you get there? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know them personally now, just make a list of your top five people you would want basking in your success along with you because they helped lift you up.

Those are the people you will need to get to your next level. Your list may include a business coach you admire, someone at your church who you deem to have great counsel, a potential accountability partner or even an organization that can give you access to the career you want. Write down their names, how they can help you and post it somewhere you can see it every day.


4. Action!

Faith without works is dead. Dreams without works are dead too. Everyone has ideas, but only a portion execute a plan. Write down your goals, and the action steps you will take to make them happen. The action steps can be as small as saying you need to send an email to the CEO of a company you want to pitch to or asking someone ‘at your table’ to introduce you to a key person. Once you have your overall goals and action steps, you can add incorporate this into your daily planning. Everyday you should be doing something towards your goals.


5. Stay in the Word.

Even with the planning and goal setting, you may have the tendency to get down if things are not moving as quickly as you would like. It’s important to stay connected to your spiritual power source. Meditate on scripture and positive affirmations. Find you a great social media account that lifts your spirit when you need a great quote or word of motivation. It also keeps you from feeling like you are in this alone. Everyone has a personal battle, and losing a job is only temporary.


MADE by Joresa Blount

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