5 Ways to Fall In Love with Social Media Again

5 Ways to Fall In Love with Social Media Again

Do you dread scrolling down your Facebook timeline? Are your hands shaking with every ‘heart’ you give to a strategically posed ‘off guard’ Instagram photo? Is your overall social media experience causing you more trouble than it’s worth? Well, we have the answer for you! Introducing, The Digital De-Stresser! For just $89.95/month, your e-worries will melt away–just kidding. A tool dedicated to instantly ridding users of social media induced anxiety doesn’t actually exist, even though it should.

According to a 2015 British Psychological Society study, researchers have found that digital devastation is real. It has a name and everything: Social Media Anxiety Disorder (SMAD). In the US and Britain, SMAD (when the participation in social media affects the physical and/or mental well-being of an individual) is the third largest psychological disorder, after alcoholism and depression at 13-14 % of the population. So what can social media obsessed millennials with personal and professional lives’ completely dependent on ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ do to avoid burnout? Here are a few tips:


  1. Schedule ahead so you won’t have to deal with the BS in real time.

One of the main causes of social media disillusionment is being tasked with constantly creating fresh, engaging content while juggling, well, real life. With social management/listening tools like Hootsuite, Sysomos and Sprout Social that allow you to schedule posts and analyze their performance the little bit of time and energy you have left can be spent wisely. Sidenote: social media calendars save lives.

  1. Set some boundaries.

Although the amount of work required to keep up resembles that of a 9-5, social media does not have a time clock that can be punched everyday. I know it’s difficult, but there should be concerted efforts made to step away from the screen and back into the real world. For instance, set an alarm that designates some ‘you-time.’ Read a book, meditate, or use your phone the way that good ol’ Alex Graham Bell intended and actually call a loved one. In other words, unplug in order to really connect. You see what I did there?

  1. Clean house.

One of the many splendid things about social media is being able to easily avoid people with minimal effort. The negative ones, the attention seekers, the perfect lifers among others can be gone with a click of a button. Go through your list of friends/followed and do what you gotta do.

  1. Only follow worthy pages/people.

I’m sure that one girl that you only spoke to during passing periods in high school will understand if make that green button turn blue on Instagram if the only thing she posts is poorly lit selfies. Nothing against her. She just doesn’t add any value to your social media life. Replace the duck lips lovers with a spiritually uplifting Instagrammer or a pro DIY-er that’ll help you elevate your bedazzle game one post at a time.

  1. Take a sabbatical.

Ok, come a little closer. Read this carefully. DO NOT make a post announcing your self imposed social media vacation with the passive aggressive ‘those who matter will know how to reach me’ ending if you’re planning to take a break. Just take it. And hush.


Made by Jasmine Browley

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