5 Ways You Can Use IGTV For Your Brand

5 Ways You Can Use IGTV For Your Brand

Last week, Instagram announced its plans to incorporate long-form video content on their platform (which has now reached a BILLION users).

IGTV, much like Youtube, will be a stand alone app (that can also be accessed via the web) providing content creators with their own channel to share videos up to an hour long. Unlike Youtube, Instagram says the app is built how you use your phone, full-length and vertical.

Read more about IGTV here

This is certainly a big move for Instagram and an exciting one for content creators who use the platform as their main source for sharing content.

As a brand strategist, I can think of a ton of ways that IGTV can be used to push your brand as an artist, creative and influencer. Here are a few ideas that come to mind…


I’m sure that Instagram is going to have some sort of limitations for this (and monetization is SURE to follow) but before that takes place, consider using those few extra minutes to create ads for yourself and your product and/or service. Think of it as your bio but in video form.

Music Video Releases and Tour/Show Diaries

If you are an artist and have a significant following on Instagram, I can totally see IGTV as a place where you could release your latest music video and even a video diary from your latest gig.

Read the full article HERE.

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