6 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From An Artist

6 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From An Artist

The world is growing fast with innovations like Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence making their space and therefore, creativity is rapidly becoming the only differentiating factors among various business competitors. And just like artists, entrepreneurs must cultivate creative habits to see the world afresh and build something new.

The past week I was working with Mr. Edward Breathitt on a social media campaign, he is a sculptor who created many amazing sculptures and monumental statues in his career of more than 30 years. There was a lot to learn from him about art and I noticed that some of his lessons can be applied to entrepreneurship as well.

Here is the list of lessons that I believe every entrepreneur who aspires to make his or her mark on the world can learn from an artist like him:

Foundation is Everything

Whenever it comes to business, almost everyone starts from scratch, but one thing you must focus on is the formative stages of any business. They are crucial as they set the plot for future operations. For your business to take off, you must be willing to invest a lot of time and energy. You might sacrifice some things today, but in the long, they’ll be worth it.

Think Like A Craftsperson

An artist thinks by doing, by uniting their ‘head and hands’ while working. Similarly, an entrepreneur should also put combined efforts in the right direction while working on their startup ideas. Test the MVPs maximum times possible, get the best possible results for your product; find an ideal product-market to make sure your product is adding something of value to the society.

Your Client, Your Friends

Success is never a path that you lead alone. You’ll need people who support you in your efforts. A successful artist is always social and treats their clients like their friends. This is something very few entrepreneurs practice.

As an entrepreneur, you need to make sure that your clients feel appreciated and valued as well. Engage with them through email, social media or any other suitable mean which is suitable. Ensure that their views are taken into account so that even your products and services reflect their contribution.

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