7 Types Of Friends You’re Holding On To, But Probably Need To Let Go

7 Types Of Friends You’re Holding On To, But Probably Need To Let Go

friends, we’ve all got them. they help us in times of need and are with us during the best and worst of times. every now and then you’ve got to take an inventory of your friends and their relevance in your life. if you are at the point where you are considering a shift or transition in your life, these are some of the people you may want (and more importantly, need) to leave where they are…such as the ones listed below.

7). the negative one. 

have a friend that seems to know a problem for every solution? can’t seem to ever find happiness, regardless of who or what is involved? i’m sure one has probably already come to mind. whoever it is, you may need to let them go. nobody wants to be around a “negative nancy” or a “pessimistic paul” all the time. besides, there’s only so much negativity a person can take at one time, ya know?

6). the drama queen. 

this is the person you have to think twice about before taking them certain places. you know, the one who manages to always be “into it” with someone; they always have an issue with what someone says and how it was said. they are the “drama queen” of your circle (or drama king, because let’s face it, those exists too!). save yourself the trouble of having to store vaseline and timbaland boots in the trunk of your car and remove these type of people from your life. let’s leave the fighting and excessive arguing to reality television.

5). the gossiper. 

this is the one that seems to have all the dirt. they’re an incubator for mess, drama and rumors. although their conversations with you seem informative and entertaining, you’re fooling yourself if you think they aren’t informing and entertaining other people… with your business. as the saying goes, a dog that’ll bring a bone, will also take one. if you have to be mindful of what you share with them because you are afraid of it being told to someone else, that’s a sure sign that you should probably let this “fiend” go, because they certainly aren’t a “friend”.

4). the under achiever.

you’re working two jobs to put yourself through school so that you can earn a degree and start your own business. meanwhile, your friend is procrastinating on a paper that they’ve already received three extensions on, and trying to remember whether or not they recorded the latest episode of ‘grey’s anatomy’. this is a sure sign that you are dealing with an under achiever. you know, the one who seems to lack drive (all the time) and has made the choice to perform at the basic, minimum requirement, rather than exceeding expectations. no matter how nice they are, or how long you’ve known them, the under achiever can bring you down if you let them. this is because they’ve accepted mediocrity as their normality. and, if mediocrity is not “your thing”, then the under achieveing one probably shoudn’t be “your friend”.

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