8 Habits Of Healthy (And Happy!) Women

8 Habits Of Healthy (And Happy!) Women

MADE by Ashanti Johnson

 As women, we want to look and feel our best and that really starts from taking care of ourselves from the inside out. Mental Fitness Expert Ashanti Johnson breaks down the habits that will transform how we feel and help us live our healthiest lives.

  1. They Are Mindful and Presently Focused.

Women who don’t sweat the small stuff or ruminate on things they cannot control tend to excel because they spend that time getting tasks completed, wants fulfilled and being aware of their personal needs. They don’t let problems from the past define their future and recognize that opinions from others is not law. For this reason, they tend to be happier, have more energy and make time to recharge by going to the gym, meditating or going for a run.

  1. They Recognize The Benefits Of DIY.

This may sound strange but considering how much effort women put into their appearance, when it comes to our hair, skin and nails those who cannot whip up a cute hairdo, have the right skincare products or touchup chipped nail paint without help tend to workout or sweat less when exercising.

  1. They See Food is Fuel.

For many, food can give you comfort, it can make you happy and lingering for more. Healthy women realize that food is fuel to keep your body going. They don’t overindulge in decadent dishes because they realize that quality foods with high nutritional content will make you feel better in the long run versus the temporary satisfaction and guilt that comes with overindulgence.

  1. They Make Friends with Gym Buddies.

Birds of a feather flock together. Its hard to be the only healthy girl in the group so healthy ladies connect with others who will share in similar interests. Whether it be choosing restaurants or which fitness class to attend, connecting with other healthy ladies is a habit that keeps them accountable and motivated to stay fit.

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