A Relationship Won’t Save You.

A Relationship Won’t Save You.

In order to receive love, we must first be love. Cherishing who we are, allows us to set standards, making our hearts exclusive to those, who match our own beauty. When you look into the mirror, what image do you see? The person you’ve chosen to build a life with, is a walking reflection of how you truly feel about yourself. If you are insecure, you will attract insecurity. If you are full of rage, you will attract bitterness. If you are unsure of who you are and what you want, you will find yourself connected to a person swimming in uncertainty. You can work tirelessly to force love, but if you’ve entered into a broken relationship, the union will slip through the cracks.

Love is all around us, so there’s no reason to believe, you are the one person in the world, who won’t find it. It will not miss you, because the love you so desire, lives within. Do you love yourself? When you rise in the morning and prepare for the day, do you find pleasure in presenting yourself to the world? Have you established morals and ethics? Do you value your life? Hopefully the answer to these questions are all yes, but if not, it’s time to chase yourself.

Beautiful woman, you fear living life alone because you have never lived for yourself. Because you have never lived for yourself, you do not know who you are. Since you do not know who you are, you will become anyone. And that my dear, is dangerous.

Physical, spiritual and mental abuse is tolerated by women, who have not yet met themselves. It is a hard truth, but very real. Deceitful, disloyal and indignant lovers are reserved for women who would rather remain blind, than to stand up to the fear of living alone. A joyless spirit, with a lack of drive and determination, walks freely in the lives of naive women. Do you see a pattern? An absence of self love turns into acceptance of whoever and whatever.

Before you commit to someone else, commit to yourself. Nurture who you are. Date yourself. Connect to a higher power and clean up your spirit. Travel to a place you’ve never explored. Make new friends that add value to your life. Develop your being and become a woman of valor and substance. Queens attract Kings, period. So, if you want the royal treatment, it’s time to become royalty.

This may seem overwhelming, or maybe not. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, strap up your boots and begin the journey. Everyday, make the decision to live better than the day before. It is noteworthy to mention, that the one you love, may not be supportive of your choice to change. There’s something about conviction, that scares the uncertain. Regardless of how much they kick and scream, declare war on complacency. Prepare for battle because it could get ugly. They never imagined you leaving and the thought of you saving yourself instead of drowning together, will force them to tread the waters alone. You are not responsible for someone else’s self development. Do not be afraid to end fruitless relationships, because this is life or death. The difference between happiness and tolerance. Life should not be filled with people who weigh you down, but should rather overflow with people who lift you up.

Love is beautiful. You should always feel the beauty of your existence in and around your relationship. Love is not disrespectful, you should never feel less than in your own life. Love is not toxic, if you are strung out, don’t overdose and choose to die. Most importantly, love is not perfect. You will both make mistakes, but a couple joined together by their own love will always win.

To love and be loved, is a sacred place. No matter what you see or believe, real love is built on self love. A person who truly values themselves, will only be attracted to a woman who carries herself with the same value.Don’t fall in love as a stranger to yourself. You are worthy, so learn, live and grow. Then quite possibly, you will find true love.


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