Addressing the “Views” of Drake’s New Album

Addressing the “Views” of Drake’s New Album

With #SummerTimeChi quickly approaching, the day parties and lakefront nights are about to be lit and we can thank Drake for providing us with his newest 20-track versatile album Views that will serve as the perfect soundtrack for both occasions. While Drake “Takes Care” (see what we did there?) of both of his fan-bases that appreciate hard-core lyrics and his sultry singing, there’s been a lot of criticism of his latest work.


Many are questioning the genre of this album, considering it to be an R&B work. Despite the slower tempos and smooth vocals, it shouldn’t be a shock that Drake is a versatile entertainer. How soon have you all forgotten about Wheelchair Jimmy?! Since the beginning of his career, Drake was never one to serve the world just one style music. He always gives us something different, nothing is ever the same (pun intended). Views reflects Drake’s original style of marrying both Hip-Hop, R&B and more.


The enticing ballads, “Summers Over Interlude” sung by Majid Al Maskati along with “Fire & Desire”, are two of the best components of the album. These tracks provide a 90’s R&B feel that rising artists like Bryson Tiller, Eric Bellinger and Tory Lanez refer to in their music. Still playing off of the success of Rihanna’s “Work”, Drake incorporates Caribbean themed tracks on the album. Although he’s previously experimented with island influences with songs like “Find Your Love”, Drake dominates the style and creates the perfect hip-winding, “where’s the nearest beach?” anthems on ViewsDespite the new-new he brings to this project, he still sends – not so subtle – “you’re not on my level” reminders to his competition — or lack thereof.

Y’all a whole lot of things, but you still ain’t this. (Drake)


If you’re reading this . . . it’s too late for you to convince me that Views is anything less than a perfect display of Drake’s ability to create his own music genre. This, we already knew but the addition of diasporic elements and nonchalant nods to his continued rap-game supremacy keep this album abreast of the rest. All in all, I give Views an 8.5/10.


What are your Views? Be sure to post your comments below!


MADE by Valerie Charnett

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