Black Millennials Bridge the Digital Divide

Black Millennials Bridge the Digital Divide

Black Millennials are becoming notable for being valuable contributors to the U.S economy. Nielsen‘s latest report YOUNG, CONNECTED AND BLACK highlights how African-American Millennials are forging ahead in their use of technology and social media to raise awareness and evoke a national discussion on civic and political issues. Obviously, with #hashtag campaigns such as #BLACKLIVESMATTER, theses trending subjects sparked national conversations across the U.S.

Black Millennials are expanding the use of mobile devices particularly with what they are watching and purchasing on mobile. It is worth noting the impact black millennials have on television programming as it directly links to advertising dollars. Particularly, black millennials are contributing to the diversification of mainstream primetime television viewership. More television shows such as Will Packer’s miniseries “Roots” and Ava Duvernay’s drama series, “Queen Sugar” are rising in popularity as they feed into cultural expectations of African Americans today.

The power is still in the black dollar and Black Millennials are shifting their spending habits to cleaner and healthier lifestyles. As online organic and vegan companies and apps continue to increase and fresh groceries stories rise in urban metropolitian neighborhoods like Chicago Bronzeville neighborhood’s Mariano’s or Englewood’s Whole Foods, they are “expanding their shopping carts with fresh food,” Nielsen shared.

As African-Americans, particularly younger Millennials, continue to develop and expand their influence on mainstream America, companies are making changes to reach this culture-rich group with unique, captivating campaigns, as well as products and services that meet their needs. As African-American Millennials continue to use technology as a platform to share, support and collaborate, their voice will be amplified.

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