Bumble Creates Buzz With Social Game Night

In a digital world where more of our communication accounts from written communication through technology as opposed to verbal and body language, establishing deeper connections through in-person interaction is becoming a necessity. And, finding low-pressure, safe spaces to meet new friends, significant others (S.Os) and potential business partners, in-person has become a commodity.

For millennials, being far removed from a focused community like college, by their late twenties, makes connecting to their soul mate, business partner or friend more intentional and targeted. Particularly for those transitioning to a different city, transforming into a new life season or turning a new leaf in business – forming rapport through close in-person human interactions is the key to unlocking one of the most valuable assets in our tool belts – relationships.

Understanding the drawbacks from awkward meet-ups, aimless networking events and pretentious socials, Bumble, social dating app, recently partnered with Spin Chicago & MADE Maven for current and potential users to connect over retro card games, modern-day pop culture trivia and classic ping-pong for a night of friendly competition called BuzzWild.

BuzzWild, a social game night that amplifies meaningful in-person exchanges through the love of games attracted diverse professionals looking for nostalgic memories with a new-day twist. The first rendition of BuzzWild brought together Chicago’s diverse singles seeking good music, a fun time and intellectual stimulation through trivia. ” I’m not looking to do clubs anymore. I want to meet people at cool places that don’t require me to pull out my stilettos. I liked this event because there were quality people without the fluff. I had a good time.” – Kori, a Buzzwild attendee mentioned. The event was emcee’d by Jamel F and trivia hosted by Portia King, Shawn Grant, and Jamal Andress of “The Three Piece” on Mild Sauce Radio.

Although many people tremor at the thought of meeting brand new people, new heights require escaping from comfort zones and pushing past the unknown to find your tribe. When you realize life is more enjoyable with more good people it in it, you get what the buzz is all about.

For more information for more Bumble events, click here.


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