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Meet the Founders of Social Club to Empower Millennials

  • Instagram By Jasmine Browley

Made by Jasmine Browley “We wanted to provide a space for forward-thinking young people here in Chicago that are doing things and want to do much more with the help of peer support.” -Rickey Layfield How often do we ask…

  • Founders Row

3 Ways To Prepare Your Taxes As A Small Business Owner

  • Instagram By Lorra Brown

MADE by Lorra Brown If you put a little time and energy into preparing for the upcoming tax season, the whole process of submitting taxes could be a lot more painless than you ever thought possible. Here a few steps…

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DeVon Franklin: ‘Learning to serve God taught me how to be successful’

  • Instagram By MADE

World-renowned film/TV producer, author and minister DeVon Franklin says he believes secular success is pre-destined for God’s followers. In his latest book, The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success, Franklin discussed 10 practical “commandments” that he learned from…

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The Solution to the Problem: #WeAreIllmatic

  • Instagram By MADE

The Solution to the Problem: #WeAreIllmatic MADE By: AJ Linton Victoria Reese, founder of the Victor Group, sought out to redefine what sick looks like. Her 10-part social media awareness campaign #WeAreIllmatic. is for those who, like herself, are suffering…

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Money Talks: Smart Financial Risks for the Entrepreneur

  • Instagram By Lorra Brown

By: Lorra Brown The key to success as a small business entrepreneur is optimizing the right mix of risk and reward. It’s possible to grow your business slowly and incrementally by minimizing the amount of risk you take, of course,…

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A Taste of F.A.M.E. 2017 Influencer List

  • Instagram By Arika Linton

As a community of creatives, MADE Magazine is proud to highlight influencers well deserving of recognition for their contribution and leadership to their industries. Congratulate these rising Chicago influencers in Fashion, the Arts, Media and Entertainment and join us on 6/24…

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