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Doggie Style Rewards (Get Your Mind Out The Gutter, People)

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Ladies, are you looking for the magic potion that will get your man to put down the toilet seat? Put the cap back on the toothpaste? Use the turn signal when switching lanes? Mow the lawn before the neighbors start to complain?…

  • Women

When You Realize Success Comes With Sacrifice…

  • Instagram By Kenyatta Scott

The “Stanford Marshmallow Study” on delayed gratification that was conducted in the late 1960’s and 70’s gave children a choice between one small reward (one marshmallow) provided immediately, or two small rewards (two marshmallows) if they were able to wait…

  • Women

Why GQ Men Have My Heart

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

I was at the airport waiting to check my bags in for an international flight. I was about to be seriously annoyed because it was taking so daggone long, and I was admittedly cranky. However, what delivered me from my…

  • Women

A Relationship Won’t Save You.

  • Instagram By Jasmine Mosley

In order to receive love, we must first be love. Cherishing who we are, allows us to set standards, making our hearts exclusive to those, who match our own beauty. When you look into the mirror, what image do you…

  • Women

Can You Quiz Your Way To Trust?

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

I was having dinner with a friend, she’s about 47 and she was telling me how even at this age, she is still dealing with trust issues; minor one’s like feeling anxious when a guy she’s dating doesn’t text her…

  • Women

Is Collaboration Really The New Competition?

  • Instagram By Raven Lenoir

As you scroll through your Instagram feed you see inspirational quotes, followers making “boss” moves, and lots of talk about connecting with others. Everybody is on a mission to be in the winner’s circle – and we all can! Collaboration…

  • Women

Do You Act Like A Leader Others Love To Emulate?

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Ladies, do you know the #1 way to be a leader? You’ve probably read just as many books as I have, attended or led many a development training session, and sat in on management leadership workshops, each giving different methods to lead….

  • Women

Petty Worries About Losing Your Man

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Where do you stand in the Dating and Keeping Game? If my man asked me to go Dutch, I’d ditch him. I’m the princess, and he is my king. If I don’t get flowers, I’m not happy. Goody! You’ve landed…

  • Women

How To Find Your Mommy Tribe

  • Instagram By A Real Urban Mom

Being a mom in these parenting streets is HARD! You want to have the perfect home, spacious car(s), a wonderful husband, amazing kids, dream vacations and the bomb job or business. That’s all awesome and it sounds like heaven on…

  • Women

4 Ways To Maintain Your Summer Sizzle

  • Instagram By Dr. Jamie Hardy

Where did the time go? Just like you, I am reminiscing over all the amazing moments of summer. The sand between your toes, lounging by the pool, the sassy swimwear and of course the yummy flavors. Summer is a time…

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