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  • Personal Development

[Self-Assessment Quiz] Are You Paralyzing Your Progress?

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Self-Assessment Quiz – True or False: I shake sometimes from fear thinking about what to do next in my career. I know what I WANT to do. I know HOW to get what I want. I believe I CAN do…

  • Personal Development

Todd Dulaney On The Art Of Walking In God’s Promises

  • Instagram By Maliz Mahop

With his anthem, “Your Great Name” still doing great numbers on the charts and his latest single, “You’re Doing It All Again,” Todd Dulaney is walking in his purpose with stride. MADE sat down with the Grammy-nominated gospel artist to…

  • Personal Development

10 Dating Mistakes That You Need To Stop Right Now

  • Instagram By Elizabeth Overstreet

I had to write this article because I’m getting pissed off about how people are dating in their quest to find a long-term relationship. Something is in the air and completely off about the way we are approaching and handling…

  • Personal Development

3 Signs You’re On Track To Being A Strong Leader

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Self-Assessment Quiz ─ TRUE or FALSE: I understand that leadership begins with trust and having good character traits. Being a leader goes beyond being the first to raise my hand for something. Confidence and having a positive attitude are core…

  • Personal Development

5 Tips For Meeting Your End Of Year Goals

  • Instagram By Raven Lenoir

With less than 90 days left in the year, many people begin to think of the New Year and the goals they will achieve on January 1st. Usually, that never happens, those goals never come to fruition and the cycle…

  • Personal Development

Don’t Bother Me, I’m Growing

  • Instagram By JeeJee Miller

I have never been the gardening type. My mother has constantly told me with when I move to a new place, “Jee, you need some plants in your place.” The most I can give you is some flowers from Trader…

  • Personal Development

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Helping or Hurting You?

  • Instagram By Ashlei Williams

When it comes to social media today, it’s easy to focus on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook; especially as millennials. We get caught up in the fun mediums catered to socializing with our friends and family. However, as social media has…

  • Personal Development

Setting Healthy Boundaries In Every Relationship

  • Instagram By Elizabeth Overstreet

When your mind conjures up the thought of creating boundaries, there are a million thoughts that probably ensue. If you are a people pleaser, a giver or have a difficult time saying no, you might experience a little bit of…

  • Personal Development

A Relationship Won’t Save You.

  • Instagram By Jasmine Mosley

In order to receive love, we must first be love. Cherishing who we are, allows us to set standards, making our hearts exclusive to those, who match our own beauty. When you look into the mirror, what image do you…

  • Personal Development

Go The Extra Mile

  • Instagram By Powerful Penny

Self-Assessment Quiz ─ TRUE or FALSE: I’m aware of how much extra work I can manage to take on at work. I enjoy being a team player and taking on leadership roles at work. Being more visible at work is…

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