Checking In With Your Mind

Checking In With Your Mind

The further I’ve gotten along my journey, the more that I’ve realized that your mind is both central and essential to becoming the best version of yourself, or living your best life. The way you perceive things can even shape your reality, shift your response, and most importantly preserve your energy. However, adversely, when these things are not in effect, it can warp your lens, alter your judgement, and suck your energy. Therefore, to kickstart this month’s theme of Checking in With ALL of You, I am starting with the mind.

Since I am utilizing this series to check in with myself, while encouraging you all to do the same, I will be presenting you all with five areas of a mental check-in. Then explaining what they are, and where I’m at with them along my personal journey. Please feel free to utilize the below to check-in with your mind as well, and if you have any tips to share, please send them my way!


As simple as it sounds, it feels like a true and honest commitment to yourself is the starting point of any journey. You have to commit to yourself, that you are ready and willing to do this work. When we look at the commercialized version of self-care, they showcase it as this fun external journey. When I look at it though, especially a journey of self. It looks like honest conversations with self, listening to your gut and body, harsh truths and evolvement. However, none of that is able to happen without an honest commitment from you to you.

B: While I feel like I’ve committed to myself, there are times when my actions are counterproductive to my intentions. Times when I am upset with, and beat myself up, for being human. While I’m committed, the journey itself is long and hard.

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