The Content Guide to Social Media Flatlays Made Easy

The Content Guide to Social Media Flatlays Made Easy

As a spectator, one must wonder where all that inspiration comes from to produce consistent and aesthetically pleasing content. As much as a big “to-do” it may seem to be, it’s actually simple as can be in this day and age where every business serves up a platter of several digital platforms. One essential to your media packaging can be flatlays as many creatives such as bloggers, beauty gurus, or other entrepreneurs use them constantly to promote. In a flatlay, one can advertise, gain rapport, or just convey the message of their branding in an instant while still giving their audience something visually stimulating. In this article, we break down the tricks of the trade when snapping photos of flatlays.


Set the Mood with Your Background


Whether you’re pushing a product or service, the surroundings can be just as persuasive as the merchandise. Making sure your message gets across and your photos don’t look too “busy”. If you’ve got a compact piece then opt for a solid background so it stands out. You can do the exact opposite if you’re using something handheld to sell. For instance, passing by funky walls or art you see out and about can evolve your post from plain to opulent. Showing your product or services off in their natural surroundings become key to a successful flatlay. Yes you’re marketing your brand but knowing the precision behind the pretty is what will elevate your post from others as well as expand your reach to unique and new accounts. Also note that the use of complimentary colors will never lead you wrong.


Behind the Scenes of Lé Hustle


Believe it or not but your audience will want to see how your hard work pays off in result of the final product. Showing that it’s not all glitz and glamour can tune your followers into your process as a business or brand. These types of flatlays will play up your angles whether you’re sorting out your editorial calendar from a birds eye view or have a room full of orders being shipped out. These flatlays can convey a quick thank you and let your followers know you appreciate their support throughout your business. Nobody else knows your business like you do so flatlays of tools you rely on to create your painting or multiple sketches of fashion illustrations just show your level of competence. You’re the expert after all which leaves no room for bragging, we’d like to think of it as making you relatable to your buyer.


Sneak Peeks Can Boost Your Followers

One should know that all of your platforms should not mimic one another. For instance your Snapchat can be more personal or show your daily grind while your Instagram can be used moreso for visuals, even using your Twitter for engagement. With that said, use one of your platforms as an avenue for the latest and upcoming news for your brand. Flatlays can be used to announce a new product, possibly an upcoming giveaway, or sale. Whatever the case your followers will hit that follow button for ALL of your platforms just to ensure they don’t miss a beat. Remember to post with purpose. So the next time you see a flatlay done right, commend the person who captured their branding message and take notes. Those beauty products placed so delicately out of that bloggers tote took a million and one shots to find just the right one. See if your efforts pay off by creating your own!


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