DayGleam Blogger Panel: Tips of the Trade

DayGleam Blogger Panel: Tips of the Trade

This past month, I was invited to MADE’s DayGleam event in the Windy City which was full of networking, endless Snapchat moments, and mimosas. The day began by rubbing elbows with bloggers and ladies that brunch with a purpose. After nibbling on the libations, we all buckled down to take notes from the blogger panel which lended some great advice on how to produce worthy content, collaborate with brands, and stay consistent. 

First lesson of the day: Everybody has a job and a hustle. 

For most of us millennials, our jobs support our hustle until we can fend on our own. With this said, it came to be an eye opener to us all when bloggers with substantial following admitted to blogging and still managing a 9 to 5. Things like time management become essential whether you choose a certain amount of time to dedicate to your hustle daily or bang out the week ahead by prepping all articles the week beforehand. Even once you gain followers and book some strong collaborations, maintaining is the hardest. Making sure you don’t settle for the status quo and humble yourself after reaching milestones. It’s what will keep your work ethic thriving.

Lesson #2: Give it your all. 

Amongst the guest on the panel was Johari Noelle (ahem, had an amazing head full of hair and a personality to match) , Chasing Destiny’s star, who brought to light that no matter what the industry you’re gunning for – there’s always stiff competition. With that said, the songstress staked her claim in setting herself apart by allowing no one to outwork her. So for all of those ladies who are wondering “what if..” – don’t. You may not be the best at everything but you will not give up your pursuit which sets you apart as everyone wants the gratification but doesn’t always do the work required to attain it. Sounds simple huh?

Lesson #3: Women entrepreneurs should stick together.

The blogging industry is heavily saturated allowing so many of us to clamor for the biggest piece of cake. Don’t forget the sweetest part of it all is the connections you make along the way. Standing on your own two feet and creating a brand is like a sisterhood. You should never go lacking for inspiration nor motivation when you have like-minded people surrounding you to give support. So like that bloggers status or comment/share beauty tips with one another. You never know if it gives others the guts to chime in on the conversation!

I may be bias but that this event was one for the record books and I truly felt a part of something bigger than me. Grab some brown girls that inspire you and gather for mimosas to plot taking over the world.


MADE by Xuxa Day

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