Dear Future Me: Exclusive Interview with Gospel Star James Fortune

Dear Future Me: Exclusive Interview with Gospel Star James Fortune

Surviving The L’s: Love, Life & Lyrics

By: Ashley White 

600x600bb-2Gospel Singer and Songwriter, James Fortune had us at the cover of his new album, Dear Future Me. The two contrasting images of his face provide a powerful visual representation of the past and the future. Like all of us, we have a past, but we cannot let the things that are behind us interfere with who we are called to be. “This album is different. It’s moving in a different direction. It’s the future of where my music is headed.” Fortune explained.

Known for his lyrics that speak to the real situations we find ourselves in, Dear Future Me takes us on a journey of self-discovery, growth and healing. His single, “I Forgive Me” reminds us that we are not our mistakes and there’s power in not only forgiving others but forgiving ourselves. “In order to move forward in new opportunities, new relationships, new visions that God has for you, you’ve got to be able to release the guilt of your past.” James continued.

In this exclusive interview with MADE Magazine, the two-time Grammy Award nominated gospel singer James Fortune speaks openly and honestly his life and how he’s preparing for the future him. See the full interview below and subscribe to MADE Magazine on Youtube.

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