Directing Legacy with Anthony Hemingway

Directing Legacy with Anthony Hemingway

When you are born to win, it’s hard not to recognize it. Anthony Hemingway was born to become a director of groundbreaking television shows and films, some which may have heard of before including The Wire, The People v. OJ Simpson, Underground, Red Tails, The Infamous and American Crime Story. Although he had a late start (pivoting from pre-med to the film production industry prior to college) his decision to follow his passion was ultimately a no brainer. “I always knew I was born to be a director. I was designed and built to be a part of each one of the projects I’ve been involved on. I am serving a purpose and I’m doing what I am called to do.” Anthony shared with MADE in an exclusive interview.

Apparently, Anthony did not take the elevator, he took the stairs. Starting as a production assistant, his seeds were sown and watered over time. When asked if he sought out such meaningful and inspired films, Anthony denied intentionally putting thought behind his big feats. “All of these jobs (People vs O.J Simpson, The Wire, Underground, Red Tails) came to me. My path prepared me for each one of those opportunities.” Anthony explained that the universe did its job. The legacy that he built was shared through lens of historical films of the stories of characters through time that have heavily impacted the culture.

Click HERE to read more of the interview (page 66) with Anthony Hemingway & MADE Magazine.

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