Dormtainment Break Down The Keys To Their Comedic Success

Dormtainment Break Down The Keys To Their Comedic Success

There’s no shortage of hilarious content online, but when it comes to curators of comedy who have been consistently killing it in the digital space—Dormtainment is a force to be reckoned with. For nearly a decade, Cameron Miller, Amanuel Richards, Rome Green Jr, Chaz Miller and Mike Damn have produced a plethora of videos on YouTube and have continued to grind as they move closer to their biggest dreams. Recently, the group debuted their show, Black Geo, on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, which serves as more proof that the group is certainly on the rise. Consistency is one of the main reasons why Dormtainment continues to grow and achieve more success. Here, Dormtainment discusses the importance of consistency and offers advice on how to continuously move forward…



Amanuel: Have a team. Have a brotherhood, a sisterhood and a brother-sisterhood, whatever you want. Have a team of people who will hold you accountable. People who are in your field who can make you better. People who can enhance whatever you’re doing and critique your stuff and judge your work with an eye that’s not malicious or anything like that. They just want to see you do better. I don’t think we would be here without our brotherhood enhancing each other. Find like-minded people whether it be an online community or someone in person you can really connect with on a creative level. Nothing can stop numbers.

Cameron: To piggyback off the team aspect, that’s very important because they say you’re the sum of the 5 people you’re with the most. Make sure you all are learning and growing together so you all can be a strong force. Everything has a cost, even your dreams. You have to be willing to put in that work and sacrifice.


Rome: Just know that’s it your fault. What I mean by that is a lot of times you’ll be like, “If they would have did this or that” you have to know that if you didn’t get that part you wanted then it’s your fault. Yeah, someone in the room may not have liked you, but maybe you just have to work a little harder. Maybe you have to bring it a little better next time. Just know that it’s your fault.

Cameron: Stop crying.

Rome: Yeah, stop crying. You can blame something on someone else, but you have to look at yourself and ask what could I have done better to prevent this. If you have it in your head that it’s your fault, you won’t blame anyone else and you can just go 100 percent with what you have to do to make things better.

Cameron: So, is it your fault that you ate my food last night?


Cameron: Read. Read as much as possible so you can keep learning and keep honing your craft. I know it sounds cliché but if you want to be the best, you have to outwork the best. You have to keep growing and keep learning so you can make content that people haven’t seen before. And get off your phone. Look up, stop looking down.

For more on Dormtainment’s journey, read the full article HERE.

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