It’s Your Dream Job Interview…Three Reasons Why It’s No Big Deal

It’s Your Dream Job Interview…Three Reasons Why It’s No Big Deal

Whether you’re preparing for graduation into what baby boomers refer to as the “real world” or maybe even are the non-traditional student like Denise Huxtable, there will come a time where you grasp for your dream job. As a millennial, you may want to reach to create your own job instinctively. However like any hustle, you will have to work your way up the ladder before you can break any glass ceilings. In this article, we wanted to give a few tips on how to nail those interviews without breaking a sweat.


Breathe…Really, it’s that easy.


Nerves are not your best friend. Those days of stumbling over words or loosing your train of thought are just minor ticks when your adrenaline rushes through you. As parental as it sounds, the best thing to cure yourself of the jitters is a solid breakfast and a brief thirty minutes to breathe. Give yourself a pep talk or even vibe to one of your favorite albums (Pablo seems to help). Taking this intermission before curtain call is just what you need to walk in, giveĀ a firm handshake, and show them what you got!


Do Your Homework & Be Knowledgeable.


Every business is different whether they began as a start-up, have an open door policy, or a huge chain of command. Interviews take time and no matter whom you are speaking with, their time is as valuable as yours. Do not walk into a business or brand without doing the basic research needed. You may be representing them in the short-term future and nothing says unprepared like not knowing their purpose or their background. Think of it like this: time is money and you want to prove your value in less than an hour so they can invest in you.


Don’t Sell Yourself Short.


Expanding on your accomplishments may sound like purely bragging to the average person but in business, it gives you leverage on the playing field. Trade your life experiences as examples to show you know your stuff. You could also give yourself an upper-hand in adding to a beneficial system set in place. Things such as recommendation letters and numbers speak highly on your achievements. Use your resume as a road map to give direction into your potential and possible growth. That saying to “fake it until you make it” is more than just a confidence booster, it’s a way to sell yourself for what you believe you’re truly worth.


With these tips, your next upcoming interview should be a breeze. Engage with no worries that you’ve nailed it and should be receiving an offer letter shortly. Now you’re ready for the big gig!


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