[WATCH]: Exclusive Interview with LaMyia & Meagan Good

[WATCH]: Exclusive Interview with LaMyia & Meagan Good

In an exclusive interview with MADE Magazine, Meagan and LaMyia Good share how they fight for the greater good of themselves and others through entrepreneurship, philanthropy and entertainment.


MADE: You recently rolled out a clothing line called “Defend Good Girl”. Tell us why you chose flannel wear and what it symbolizes for you all?

Meagan: We chose annel because growing up we wore flannels all the time. Especially just as young women, it just has been a piece of a majority of our out ts because it gives off the sense of…you’re not trying too hard. You just have a little bit of an effortless air, but it’s comfortable. It’s simple and we just love annels. We noticed that a lot of the younger kids were bringing it back and starting to wear it as well. So we were like, “Listen, why don’t we do something that’s a classic piece that we already love and they love”. So yeah, we were like, “Let’s do a flannel where it can be a dress as well”. So you can wear it so many ways.


MADE: So what is the definition of a good girl to you and why do you want to defend her?

LaMyia: Well, to us we’ve dealt with a lot of adversity just like a lot of young women have. I think a lot of times young women get confused with thinking that what may have happened to them or what they have done in their lives – whatever scars, damages they may carry, whatever burdens they may carry – that it defines them. And so, it was important for us to really represent that the things that you have been through, the tests that you’ve been through should be your testimony. And when it does define you, it can be in a positive way. And really to unapologetically be themselves, be authentic and have ownership. Don’t live in fear and don’t be in a box.


Click HERE to read more of the Good Sisters’ interview with MADE Magazine.


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