Culture Driver: Chef Roblé

Culture Driver: Chef Roblé

For years, I’ve followed the awesome moves of celebrity Chef, Roblé Ali. Many may ask how are you be a fan of a chef yet never tasted any of his food? Well, Chef Roblé is a bit different, it’s his unique approach to the field that makes me a fan. Being a culinary chef is not a popular career choice for many African Americans yet this Poughkeepsie native has charted the unimaginable. Anytime, you mix a good meal, great music and impeccable art together, ya girl will forever be in attendance to live her best life and it doesn’t hurt that the chef is fine too, okay ladies! Last night, we the Chicago culture came together like only we can to enjoy a night as #CultureDrivers all thanks to Infinity and Urban Daddy.

MADE: Chef Roblé you are well-known all over the world for not only cultivating amazing food but also being a curator of culture. Providing an unique experience for your A-List clients as well as #EverydayPeople (pun-intended). What is the best part of your job? 

Chef Roblé: The best part of my job…there’s so many good things, it’s hard to pick one. Okay, this is my honest answer and I’ll never answer this question for anybody else. I like that I’m able to do new things everyday, I truly don’t get bored because there’s no repetition. I meet new people and have new experiences which I love. I would be terrible at a real job, I get bored fast so I need new things to happen or I’ll loose interest. New things make me feel alive.

MADE: Many young African American chefs look at you as the blueprint. What is your best advice for emerging chefs who are looking to become not only a tastemaker but a trailblazer in the culinary field?

Chef Roblé: There’s so many things I could say such as; be yourself, be confident in yourself, don’t follow behind anyone else, make your own lane, ride your own wave. Know that it’s okay to look to others for inspiration but know that no one is greater than you. Only you can be the greatest you, you’re not better than anybody and nobody is better than you. Above all; believe in yourself, follow your instincts, do your research, know what’s up, follow your heart and spirit and you’ll be alright.

MADE: Here’s a question, #ForTheCulture (of course) when you’re not cooking gourmet meals what is your favorite go-to meal that reminds you of your childhood? Mine is my daddy’s homemade fried chicken and cornbread! 

Chef Roblé: I would say, sambusa. My family is from Samalia so sambusa is like the hamburger of Somalia. It’s very similar to an egg roll with tasty stuff inside. I would also say pasta with banana. We (Somalians) eat bananas with everything in Somalia, bananas are everywhere. I know it sounds crazy but try spaghetti with meat sauce and a banana, it’s delicious!

MADE: Chef Roblé is having a private dinner. If he could invite 6 A-Listers dead or alive to attend this dinner who would it be? 

Chef Roblé: Myself included, I’m making the food but I’m also sitting at the table so the additional five would be Malcolm X, Anthony Bourdain, Jesus Christ, Harriet Tubman and Nikola Tesla.

Keep up with Chef Roblé on social media @chefroble!

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