Founders Row with Rendel Solomon: Nonprofit Advice for Entrepreneurs

Founders Row with Rendel Solomon: Nonprofit Advice for Entrepreneurs

Featured Business Advice: Rendel Solomon, Founder at One Stock One Future

Rendel shares practical tips for nonprofit entrepreneurs on and offline to get your started on your way. Check on the video and more tips and resources below:

1) BELIEVE: No one is going to believe in your vision more than YOU. Once you start to seek external support, especially from investors, your initial source of funds is likely to come because that individual or entity recognizes your passion about your idea, technology, service, etc. You have to be your greatest supporter!

2) SEEK FEEDBACK: You should actively seek feedback from others. Allow others to provide criticism. This could include customers, other business professionals, financial providers, or industry partners This feedback will not always be pleasant, but you should always be willing to internalize the information and process it with trusted advisers whom you respect and admire. This does not mean you have to agree or accept all advice, but you should be open to having the dialogue as it will help you think critically about your enterprise.

3) EMBRACE FAILURE: There are numerous maxims about learning from failure, and they are all true. Another word for failure could be lesson. Do not give up because you fail once, twice, or thrice. Perhaps you took a wrong turn, perhaps you needed an oil change, or perhaps the weather was not cooperating that day. After any failure, be sure to walk away with a lesson that will help you in your next endeavor. If you do not fail at some point, you probably are not taking enough risk which means you are not going to grow to your fullest potential.

Additional Resources for Funding:

1) Echoing Green:
More about Founders Row:
Founders Row is community for creative entrepreneurs of color whose mission is to provide entrepreneurs a first row seat in entrepreneurial success. Our mission is to share practical solutions and opportunities with founders representing start-ups in the tech and creative Industries through a variety of online and in-person forums.
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