Founders Row with Surmesur: Advice for Entrepreneurs

Founders Row with Surmesur: Advice for Entrepreneurs

Featured Business Advice: Adrian Madero and Nathan Clarke, Surmesur

Entrepreneurs Adrian Madero and Nathan Clarke of Surmesur share practical tips for entrepreneurs when scaling their business. Check on the video and more tips and resources below.

1. Start with something innovative.

You don’t need to revolutionize the whole industries in order to succeed, but when you are starting from the ground up, the foundation of the project needs to be original, it needs to have a competitive advantage or a differentiation from all the other competitors out there.

2. Don’t be afraid to change your initial concept.

Very rarely a starting project or product success without any changes, so dot settle on a initial good idea, it might evolve or mutate to something different, you need to test the market to see what concept the market receives the best, its a little bit of trial and error.

3. Hard work/ team work.

I know it will sound as a cliche, but hard work is key to every successful story. Make sure you surround yourself with hard working people and people who have a good work ethic. When you are building a team make sure you get people that want to succeed, not people who want a job. Don’t hire people that agree with you, hire someone who challenges you and questions your methods so you can analyze their reasoning, the best ideas come from employees. Learn how to delegate, you are not Superman, you can’t do it all.

4. Listen to everybody, ask for advice, but take everything with a grain of salt.

Read, ask and learn. You need to open your horizons and get out of your comfort zone, you will meet a lot of “big shots” that will give you advice or tips, not for your benefit but for their own good or self esteem. Don’t get me wrong I know a lot of well intended people out there, but their advice might not always be the best, everybody’s got their own method to success and you can’t replicate it, do it your own way. So my advice is listen to everyone and get what you like from each one of them, learn how to differentiate a tip that might help you to one that won’t, so basically you can rule out everything I said before and just trust your gut.
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Founders Row is community for creative entrepreneurs of color whose mission is to provide entrepreneurs a first row seat in entrepreneurial success. Our mission is to share practical solutions and opportunities with founders representing start-ups in the tech and creative Industries through a variety of online and in-person forums.
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