Free Resources to Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Free Resources to Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Whether you’ve just gotten that light bulb idea for your own business or are working on getting your company off of the ground, here are some helpful, free resources to assist you on your journey to becoming a well-rounded, successful entrepreneur. This article offers free resources that are highly beneficial for any entrepreneur. Ranging from websites to apps, and address various important aspects for entrepreneurs, such as financing (a website to use for finding an investor), self-care (meditation resources, exercise apps) and graphic design (free apps to create a logo design), these tips will help entrepreneurs to be well-rounded, focused and productive.


For Self-Care

Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics Logo

You can’t kick-start or continue running your own company if you aren’t taking care of yourself. For your physical health, it’s important to exercise regularly and eat well. So say hello to Freeletics. Freeletics is a multifaceted fitness app that provides various options to keep you fit and healthy. Named as one of the “Best Apps of 2015 on the Google PlayStore and featured in Men’s Health UK, Yahoo News and more, Freeletics Bodyweight self-identifies as “the world’s most individualized fitness program,” The app adapts to your schedule, fitness level and goals, “whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or simply get in better shape.” It provides 5-30 minute workouts, perfect for an entrepreneur’s busy schedule. No equipment is necessary, so you can train anywhere, anytime. It offers more than 900 workout variations and state-of-the-art tutorial videos so you can ensure perfect execution.

This is the most popular in the Freeletics program. Also offered are Freeletics Gym, Freeletics Running, and Freeletics Nutrition. These individual, free apps are made to help you on your workout goals, while Freeletics Nutrition guides you to healthier, cleaner eating with tips and recipes. All four also offer a personal, digital trainer for additional costs. The apps can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices.


UCLA Free Guided Meditations


Take a few minutes before that long conference call or before you even start your day to focus on your mental health and meditate. The UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center provides 8 free mindfulness meditations that you can practice whenever you’ like, as they range from only 3 minutes to 13, so it won’t eat up your day but will give you a necessary break to unwind and relax from the day’s demands.


For Marketing

Hubspot Logo is an excellent source for all of your inbound marketing needs. Offered both online and as an app for Apple and Android users, it offers free CRM and sales software. The CRM software offers unlimited users, usage and data, automatically organizing every detail and interaction with your prospect and customers, on contact and company profiles. It also enables you to assign and track deals, progress of individuals, or your entire team on the dashboard. In addition, the software integrates with its free sale software, to help you and/or your team sell.

If you’re new to inbound marketing or want to strengthen your skills, Hubspot also offers Hubspot Academy, which provides free training videos on marketing and sales and even certifications in Inbound, Email Marketing and Hubspot Design after detailed, step-by-step video courses.


For Design

Adobe Spark Post



Available for iPhones and iPads, this app allows you to create impressive, engaging graphics, whether it’s for your website, or promotional purposes.


Studio Design

Studio Design Logo

Studio Design app is also great for the same design purposes and is available to both Apple and Android users.


For Project Management


Asana logo

Asana is both a website and app that is “the easiest way for teams to track their work—and get results.” Features include seeing progress at a glance for any project, task and project conversations, dashboards, calendars, files view, task assignees, and due dates and times. It also integrates with programs such as Google Chrome and Dropbox.


For Funding

Angel List

angellist logo

Get introduced to prospective investors for your startup with this website. The site explains that it generates a list of recommended investors based on your startup’s market, stage, and location. The founders then select investors from that list that they are willing to speak with. You’d submit a private application to the site, have a 10 minute video meetings with an AngelList partner, and are then introduced to 5-20 interested investors.


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