Meet the Founders of Social Club to Empower Millennials

Meet the Founders of Social Club to Empower Millennials

Made by Jasmine Browley

“We wanted to provide a space for forward-thinking young people here in Chicago that are doing things and want to do much more with the help of peer support.” -Rickey Layfield

How often do we ask ourselves, “what did I do without social media?” Given that our digital lives enable us to instantly communicate with friends, keep up with current events and even spur civic engagement initiatives, how did people figure stuff out pre-connectivity? Better yet, how did they know anything that was going on in the world without a digital feed to tell them?

Before our smartphone powered social lives, there were social clubs. An ecosystem centered around commonalities, social clubs have a long history in modern civilization that has fostered an environment for new ideas, discussion about business, community activism and just plain old fun.  Rickey Layfield, Keyana Marshall and their partners decided to put a millennial twist on the age-old concept. Shortly after, the idea for Chicago-based Etc. Social clubhouse was born.  

“We really wanted a central location for success-minded millennials to meet, connect and build on their ideas for community improvement,” said Layfield. 

Photo courtesy of Etc. Social

Described as a social hub for community advancement and economic development, the team thought the concept was long overdue, especially in this political climate.

“Chicago youths aren’t always painted in the best light so we felt like it was important to recognize those that are contributing positively to the south and west sides of the city and provide the resources they need to sustain their purpose-driven efforts,” said Marshall.

Photo courtesy of Etc. Social

Among other perks, through their membership structure, Etc. Social members are able to secure the clubhouse for their own events at a fraction of the price that most venue owners charge.

For more information about the Etc. Social clubhouse, visit

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